Floral Bridesmaid Dresses For A Springtime Wedding

The floral print has been a springtime staple for quite some time – and this season is no exception. From soft pastels, to bold blooms, garden-inspired prints and patterns are popular in the high fashion world. This trend isn’t just popular in high fashion, it wows on the aisle too. Specifically for bridesmaids dresses! Florals are a stunning and versatile choice, and come in many different styles. Need some inspiration? Read on and see these floral bridesmaid dresses for a springtime wedding.


Embroidered Tulle Gown

via Jenny Yoo

Your girls will look stunning in this embroidered tulle gown. With its high neck halter and straight floor length skirt, it creates a sleek, elongated silhouette look.

Off The Shoulder

via Revolve

Take lovely and classy to a whole new level with this off the shoulder number. This creates something fun and flirty with its wrap front tie closure and ruffled sleeves.

Beachside Dress

via Brides

This is the perfect pick for a destination wedding. A wrap silhouette featuring bright blooms, flutter sleeves, waist tie closure and a ruffled hemline. Simply effortless and chic.

Backyard/Country Club Style

via ShowMeYourMuMu

This soft steel color of this dress is the perfect backdrop for the peach pastel colored lilies, birdie blue, and light green hues. This is a figure flattering dress that includes a high neckline, low back, cinched waist and solo side slit. A stunning look for a more simple styled bride.

Garden-Party Chic

via Shopbop

The illustrated floral print covering every part of this dress is what makes it different and stylish. It’s totally garden-party chic! The shutter pleats and floral print liven up the A-line. Your bridesmaids can definitely wear this beauty again – think bridal showers or a spring cocktail party.

Your options are endless when it comes to planning a spring wedding – the florals, food, drinks, venue, color scheme, style etc. When it comes to deciding what your bridesmaids wear, you can go with a floral print that is extremely subtle or over-the-top – if your that kind of gal!


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Engagement Party Do’s And Don’ts

Engagement parties are such a special time in a soon-to-be bride and grooms life. It’s a time where you get to celebrate the joy of a new beginning with close friends and family. Since there are so many rules to follow when it comes to these parties, we’ve rounded up engagement party do’s and don’ts for you to follow when it comes to the big day.

Enjoy Yourself

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Do: Make sure to incorporate the story of the proposal into elements of the party. You can do this in many ways, for example creating a guest book using pictures from the actual proposal moment or print out napkins with details of how he popped the questions. Don’t: Be sure to not have your party too soon after you get engaged. Enjoy your engagement for a while until you have to go straight into planning mode.

Personalize Your Menu

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Do: A cute thing to do is serve your favorite foods as a ‘his’, ‘hers,’ and ‘ours’ style. It makes for some good conversation and its just too darn cute. Don’t: Save some of your ideas for the big day rather than use all your creative thoughts on the engagement party day.

Hire A Photographer

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Do: Hire a photographer to capture the day’s most precious moments, you’ll definitely want those memories. It’s a great way to keep that day alive and remember it for years to come. Don’t: Be careful not to spend too much money or time on too many resources. Your engagement party is the first of many events to follow – it’s best to save where you can.

Keep It Casual

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Do: Make this night a fun ‘cocktail/food station’ event, so your guests can mingle and not feel glued to their seats all night. Don’t: Don’t make the party feel like your wedding day.  Keep it more casual and intimate with close friends and family, less formal and fun.

Gifts, Or No Gifts?

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Do: It’s known that you invite guests who will also be invited to the wedding. Everyone who is invited to the engagement party should most likely be invited to the wedding. The only exceptions would be very small weddings (under 50) or a destination wedding. Don’t: Ever expect gifts at the party. Guests have never brought gifts to an engagement party, but as time has gone on more and more people are starting to bring them.

These are just a few do’s and don’ts of an engagement party that we hope helps you when it comes to your own. You can never be too sure of something or what to expect at these events. It’s always best to be in the know and on top of things!


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What Not To Say In A Thank You Card

A lot of etiquette rules have disappeared in recent years, but those having to do  with thank you notes have remained rigid – no emailing, no not sending and no one-size-fits-all sentiments. It’s still easy to make a mistake in the thank you card itself. To help you avoid these problems, we found six common mistakes that newlyweds (yes, the groom should help!) often make when writing their cards. Before you grab your pen and card, read on for advice on what not to say in a thank you card.

The Dollar Amount of the Gift

Since the person who gave you the gift knows how much he/she gave you, there is no need to reference it in your note. Let’s not act like an accountant! Say “Thank you for the gift..” then explain what you’ll do with it, for example putting the money towards your honeymoon or furniture for your new place.

That You Already Have One

This is tough, because you don’t want to make your guest feel bad yet you don’t want to lie either. Keep your note simple, for example if the gift was a salad bowl you could say “Thank you for the lovely salad bowl – it will come in handy during those summer BBQs and parties.” Even if you don’t plan on keeping it, just make sure if they ever come over you have it on hand!

That It’s “Interesting”

This is basically a some-what nice way of saying “I hate your gift and can’t think of anything nice to say about it.” Even if you don’t like it, try staying away from the word interesting. Unless you have a registry you risk getting an out of this world gift that you don’t want or need. Even so, no matter what you receive try your best to pick out a feature of the gift to compliment.

The Same Thing Your Saying In Every Other Thank You Card

This is so important because you don’t want to start sounding repetitive. If some of your guests know each other, they can compare notes and know you got lazy. Try to make each one unique to the person who gave you gift and make it unique to the gift itself. If five people got you cookware, find five things you can say about cookware that are different. The key is being creative with how you say certain things.

That You Didn’t Receive Their Gift Yet

Don’t even mention this in the card, it’s a big no-no. Make notes like this simple and appreciative. Thank them for coming to your wedding and how much it meant to you and your husband. Some people (even though its rare now) follow that assumption where they have a year to buy you a gift.

That You’d Like To Return It For Something Similar

This is just absolutely wrong. You should never say you want to return a gift to a person’s face or in a thank you card. For example, if you have a king size bed and they got you queen size sheets, don’t mention the size in your note. Simply thank them for the gift, for coming to wedding and just quietly return the sheets for the right size. No one will know the difference because they won’t ever see them.

Thank You Card Tips via Martha Stewart Weddings



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Wedding Guest List Tips

Wedding Guest List Tips

Planning a wedding is an exciting time for both partners involved – there’s all the parties, dinners, cake testing, flowers, dress/suit picking, and venues to plan and decide on. But, when it comes to making a guest list, things can get tricky. Who do you choose to invite to your special day? And who do you choose to leave out? To avoid any hurt feelings, we have gathered some top wedding guest list tips to keep those who matter most at the forefront of your wedding day.


First thing’s first: get an estimate of what your budget will be. Before you start making a list, it’s important to figure out how much you can spend per head cost. The bigger the budget, the more guests you’ll be able to invite. Keep in mind that a smaller guest list means less costs on catering, table/chair rentals, and party favours. This would also be a good time to find out if your parents/families are willing to contribute to the overall cost.


If you have venue already in mind for your dream wedding, be sure to inquire about their seating capacity. This can be a huge deal breaker if you have a large guest list, but not enough space for accommodation. Choose a venue that reflects both your anticipated guest list and budget. Too big of a venue and a small guest list will having you paying more for wasted space.

Wedding Guest List Tips

Rule of Thirds

Couples usually follow the rule of thirds when setting up a guest list. This means that 1/3 of the list is given to the bride’s family, a third to the groom’s family, and the other third to the couple’s friends. This is a good way to break down costs if both families are financially involved, but shouldn’t be heavily relied on. Things can get complicated if one family is covering most of the bill, but in the end, both families should have an equal and fair say in who they wish they’d like to attend.

Regardless on who is paying what, if you and your partner wish to have a more intimate wedding without long-lost cousins and family friends whom you’ve both never met, be sure to inform your families well in advance. This prevents any pre-anticipated and awkward wedding talk that can occur between you and those other guests.

Elizabeth Howell of the Emily Post institute mentions: “It’s best to treat each family according to the closeness (and the reality) of that family’s ties. Your family won’t be as aware of the family-tree breakdown on his side; but should they discover that his first cousins were included while yours were not, there’s a simple reply: “His family is much closer than ours is.”

“And Guest”/ Plus one

Giving your guest the option of a “plus one” can be costly if it is not in the budget. While it is often common courtesy to invite the wife or husband of a guest, don’t feel completely guilty if you choose not to. If you decide not to give your guests the “plus one” option, be prepared for a declined RSVP, especially if it isn’t a close friend or family member. Guests often feel more comfortable when their significant other is in attendance, especially in larger weddings, but that’s just worst-case scenario. They say it is best to invite a significant other if they are married, or more commonly now, if they’re living together. If you’ve never met the date, we wouldn’t worry about putting them on the list.

Wedding Guest List Tips


Having a bunch of kids running around on your wedding day may seem like the least of your worries, but it is something to strongly consider. Children need to be accounted for in the food/drink budget since it can add up if there are many little ones in your group of family and friends. Although having an adults-only wedding can seem a bit harsh to those with families, it is in your best interest to keep costs low after-all. Even consider offering someone that can help babysit and watch the kids the day of the wedding.

Reciprocal Invitation

We all dread having to invite someone just because they invited you to theirs. But, it is common etiquette to send an invitation to a guest in return if you have attended one of their special days. If there’s been a significant gap in-between both celebrations or if you’ve simply lost touch then there is no real pressure in extending the invite.

Wedding Guest List Tips

We hope these tips helped solve your wedding guest list dilemma. It can be hard to narrow down a list, but when placed with a specific budget, guests should be limited. After all, it is your special day and those in attendance will be the ones to remember!

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How To Avoid Wedding Day Disasters

This is something no couple wants to think about, but it has been a reality for some in the past. No one knows how or when a disaster can strike, especially on a wedding day with a lot going on. Perhaps the weather was unfavorable, a groomsmen had one too many drinks, or your DJ showed up late. Any of these could happen and much more, so it’s always best you be prepared. We found some very helpful tips on how to avoid wedding day disasters that could lead to a day you wish you didn’t remember.

Don’t Hire Friends & Family

If your sister-in-law is a makeup artist and your aunt is a party planner, that doesn’t mean you automatically hire them – you could be asking for trouble. It’s better to leave all your wedding details to the professionals that can work well under pressure. It is alright to politely decline the help of people you know.

Make Some Calls

It is 100% okay to check up on some of the vendors a few days before your wedding day. Making sure everything is set and arriving on time is a big part of everything running smoothly. In case something goes wrong, they should have the number of a close family member or friend so you are stress-free.

Always Have A Back Up Plan

This is very important. If you plan on having an outdoor wedding or reception, make sure you have a back up plan in place in case of inclement weather. You should never rely on the weather co-operating all the time. In case Mother Nature has her way, it’s best to have another space on hold – even though this may mean spending a little more money.

Invest In Wedding Insurance

Purchasing wedding insurance isn’t that expensive; you’ll spend anywhere between $100-$500 for the event. If you’re having a destination wedding and an unexpected hurricane hits, you will not be out of money if you have insurance. Not many people think this through and its better to be safe than sorry.

Make A Checklist

A checklist is vital in wedding planning. It keeps you organized and helps you make sure everything goes according to plan. Having a checklist of things to do or people to contact will benefit you in a big way. Your wedding planner (if you have one) would be on top of these things already, but there is no problem with having your own checklist of things to do!

Put Ones You Trust In Charge

It’s your wedding day, you shouldn’t be taking care of anyone or anything. Assign some trusted friends or family on ‘damage control’ duties if anything happens. Doing this will allow you more time to relax and truly enjoy your day instead of stressing over things.

Tips via Once Wed


We hope these helped you prepare for your big day, if you need some more inspiration and help check out these articles below:

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Wedding Cake Alternatives

If you’re a traditional bride, you’ll most likely go with the classic cake and desserts. For the not-so traditional bride, we have wedding cake alternatives for you that you might want to consider for the big day.


Cinnamon Buns

                               via Bridal Guide

These aren’t typically at weddings, which is why your guests will fawn over them all night long!  They’re a sweet and delicious alternative to a classic cake.

Ice Cream

                                                                              via Bridal Guide

If you’re planning a summer wedding than this ice cream bar is the perfect addition to your menu. Keep it cool for your guests with different flavored ice cream cones.

Cookie Bar

                                                                               via Bridal Guide

We don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good cookie. This cookie bar buffet is a great idea. To save money, you can feature friends and family recipes – store-bought cookies are a great option too!


                                                 via Bridal Guide

This French dessert took the world by storm. Not only are they one of the prettiest desserts, they look even better posing as a cake.


                              via Bridal Guide

Cupcakes are known to be one of the most popular wedding cake alternatives. Make your cupcake display stand out by adding unique decor all around it.

Candy Buffet

                              via Bridal Guide

Everyone has a sweet tooth, so why not put out a candy display. Gather a variety of your favorite candies that match your color scheme (this is optional of course) and invite each of your guests to fill a bag up and take it home.

We hope your inspired to try out any of these alternatives to a classic wedding cake. Even if you are a traditional bride, stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t so bad – especially when cookies and candy are involved!


Cookie Wedding Favors

Cookie wedding favors will always be one of the biggest crowd-pleasers out there. Let’s be honest, do you know anyone who doesn’t love cookies? We don’t either. Below , we’re sharing with you some of our favorites that we came across and just had to share. Maybe you’ll get inspired to try these out for your own wedding!


White Macaroons 

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Give your guests a sweet send-off by packaging white macaroon cookies in a cellophane bag. For an added touch, finish it off with a heart sticker.  Not only will they last longer, but they are just so darn delicious!

Marshmallow Cookie Sandwiches

via Martha Stewart Weddings

How delicious and adorable do these mini marshmallow cookie sandwiches look?! These treats from  Malvi Mallow come in 5 flavors, including vanilla salted caramel and raspberry hibiscus. You can even personalize each favor with a label – with a sweet message or image.

Monogrammed Cookies

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Monogrammed wedding favors are another timeless classic. Stack iced cookies back to back, then wrap in cellophane and tie the ends with a pretty ribbon. These monograms can also be done by cutting dough into letters or twisting ropes of it into shapes. An initial can be made in contrasting dough or piped onto still-wet icing.

Sweet Stamps

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Add a unique design to iced sugar cookies using ordinary rubber stamps. The ink in the image above is liquid food coloring – so they’re edible for people to eat! Choose a couple of designs so they’re not all the same.

Miniature Cookie Jars

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Now, it’s only natural to give cookies in a jar – this one may be tiny in size but it’s big with its old fashioned charm. Inside the jar, you can get store-bought cookies of your choice. Some yummy cookies you can give are chocolate chip, oatmeal, oreo, macaroons etc.

Trust us, you can never go wrong with giving cookies as a wedding favor. They’re a classic and any flavor you choose is a good one!


Styling An Easter Wedding

If you’re wedding happens to land on a day leading up to Easter, than your in luck. Styling an Easter wedding sounds easy enough, what with the beautiful scenery, fresh blooms and who could forget about pastels. The symbolic nature of springtime and Easter is of rebirth and new beginnings. This echoes the idea of a couple starting their married lives together.


Wedding Venue

                                                                     via Wedding Venues

The location sets the tone for everything. To start off your Easter theme, choose a venue that replicates the image above – a country-club like place. Beautiful greenery, blooms and a vintage style building.

Color Theme

                                     via Wedding Venues

It’s pretty obvious that Easter conjures up a vision of pretty pastels for you to play with. Pastel shades against white always look fantastic whether you pick one or a mix of them all. Your decor will definitely stand out with pastels as your color theme.


                                         via Vponsale Wedding
                                                  via Pinterest

When it comes to decorating, your options are endless. As seen in the first image, bright flowers and pastel colored plates and cutlery are a must. As far as choosing bridesmaid dresses, opt for light colors like yellow, lavender or pink.


                                                                   via Vponsale Wedding

Popular spring flowers include daffodils, lilies, hydrangeas, tulips and many more. Going on the theme of pastel, choose colors that pair well together. For instance, as seen in the image above yellows, soft pinks and whites go together beautifully.


                                                                         via Weddings Online

As a way to say thank you to your guests, provide little buckets and chocolate Easter eggs on the table when they make their way out. They can snack on them right then and there or save them as a keepsake.


                            via Kara’s Party Ideas

Okay, you’ve nailed the decorations, the favors, the flowers, the venue and the color theme – but what about the cake? Creating a cake for an Easter themed wedding can be fun. As seen in the image above, you can try going for a bunny look, adding some pastel colored frosting, and of course have flowers all around.

We hope you get inspired to create an Easter themed wedding. Even if you’re getting married a week or a month after Easter, you can still use the theme or take inspiration from certain aspects of it for your big day – we would take the pastel colors!


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Flower Girl Hairstyles

A flower girl is most likely the cutest part of a wedding. She’ll have her moment walking down the isle and is dressed to perfection from head to toe. She will be even more excited to perform her wedding-party duties when she looks as good as she feels. Try these flower girl hairstyles by Cozy Friedmann, the founder of Cozy’s Cuts For Kids in New York City!

Flipped Ponytail 

via Martha Stewart Weddings











This is a simple, yet chic hair-do. Make a low ponytail using a clear elastic, then flip it over the elastic a few times to twist hair.

Single Twist Side-swept Hairstyle

via Martha Stewart Weddings











The easier the hairstyle, the better. Try a wavy texture by blow-drying strands with a diffuser, pinning them off the face, and adding a floral accent.

Twisted Bun Up-Do

via Martha Stewart Weddings











This style is perfect for an adult, but for kids it’s even better. Split a high pony tail into two sections, twist them together into a relaxed bun, and add a faux bloom to make it extra pretty.

Braided Half-Up-Half-Down Hairstyle

via Martha Stewart Weddings











A simple yet elegant look, one up and the rest down is a classic. Take two sections of her hair at the part, braid one to the right and one to the left until they meet. Crisscross them into one plait and pin. You can even use a flower pin or some sort of accessory that matches her dress or wedding theme.



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Bridal Shower Dessert Bar

A bridal shower is a beautiful event. You’re showering a bride with gifts, love and warm wishes. It’s a time where your friends and family get together to play games, chat, and of course eat. Below, you will learn everything you need to know about having a bridal dessert bar at your shower – from the flowers, to the menu, to the personalized decor. We’ve covered all the basics to make any maid of honors duties fun, easy and very chic.


The Drinks

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Start the party off by serving these pretty-in-pink mini bottles of rosé champagne to your guests as they enter the door.

The Desserts

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Petite finger foods are always a good option for parties, it’s easier for guests to just pick up what they want and go. Pastries, cookies, mini-cakes and cupcakes are all eligible desserts to have for the theme you’re going for.

The Accessories

via Martha Stewart Weddings
via Martha Stewart Weddings

Choose cute cake toppers, like the “hooray” in the photo above. You can stick these in the desserts themselves or in the flower arrangements. Getting ones that say “Mr. & Mrs.” or “hostess” is cute too!

The Decor

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Coffee table books can be used for added decoration. Getting books that match the theme of your shower – in this case pink pastel ones – will definitely add a nice touch to the table.

The Arrangements

via Martha Stewart Weddings

It’s always best to pick the bride’s wedding colors for the bridal shower arrangements. In the photo above, the theme was pastels (which are just stunning!).




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