DIY Garden Inspired Wedding Bouquet

Lush, asymmetrical garden-style bouquets have become very popular among brides today.  That’s thanks in part to the renaissance of small flower farms and the popularity of the seasonal flower movement.  In recent years, the availability of locally-grown blooms continues to expand, and it’s no wonder brides are using real flowers for their wedding bouquets as opposed to fake ones.  Below, we demonstrate how to make a hand-tied bridal bouquet using fresh, season flowers. This DIY  garden inspiration flower bouquet will make brides swoon over this unique design!

Bouquet Ingredients

Garden roses, dahlias, lisianthus, zinnia, foxglove, stock, rose foliage, chocolate cosmos and heuchera.




1. Establish shape:  Start by choosing foliage with sturdy, arching stems in order to create the overall bouquet shape. Take two stems and make an X, then add in a third stem to create a splayed-out triangle. When holding your bouquet, avoid using a tight grip with your entire fist. Instead, use the tips of your fingers to hold the stems loosely.

2. Build your foundation: Begin layering in supporting greens, echoing the original triangle shape you established at the start. It’s best to work with one ingredient at a time, evenly spacing each stem around in a circle, working clockwise.

3. Thread in color: Now add in your flowers. Begin by adding in smaller flowers and work up to the bigger blooms. Be sure you give the flowers “room to breathe.” In other words, don’t try cramming a bunch of flowers into a tight, dense cluster; you want your bouquet to have a light, airy feel to it.

4. Finish with airy accents: After placing all of the primary flowers, weave in any delicate accents, such as grasses, or any frilly shaped flowers. These elements should occupy a separate “plane” of the bouquet, which may be slightly higher or extended outward just beyond the larger flowers that form the shape of the bouquet.

5. Fluff and finish: You might find that you need to raise or lower the flowers in your bouquet in order for it to form the shape you prefer. With a loose grip, gently pull the stems up or down in order to ensure each flower is placed correctly. When your finished, use waterproof tape to wrap the bouquet stems followed by a ribbon wrap in a color that complements the flowers. Enjoy your creation!

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4 Non-Conventional Wedding Desserts

There’s a lot to think about in preparation for your big day and dessert is definitely one of those things. It’s important to keep in mind that although wedding cakes keep to the traditional wedding conformity, they aren’t necessary by any means! Better yet, it’s best to keep your own unique tastes at the top and customize the desserts to your liking. If cheesecake is near and dear to your heart, then let cheesecake be the indulgent treat of the night.

There are some great ideas out there that we came across and wanted to share with all of you! These are 4 Non-Conventional Wedding Desserts that will have you thinking outside the box and aiming for the stars.

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Floral Arch Ideas

There is nothing prettier than an arch full of flowers for a wedding ceremony or reception. Whether it be for an indoor or outdoor wedding, using a full-on floral blaze or just having a few significant florals – it’s a breathtaking way to add some serious wow-factor to any venue.  Below are some of our favorite floral arch ideas that are simply beautiful and eye-catching.


Fairy Tale Blooms

These blooms in soft whites and pinks make a show-stopping display for an indoor venue. Pair the flowers with soft fabrics and twinkling lights for an incredible finished look.

Draped Fabrics & Florals

Softly-draped fabrics work beautifully for outdoor floral arches – just make sure you have a Plan B if unexpected rain strikes!

Wooden Structures

A simple wooden structure with floral attached to it makes a perfect addition  for a sweetly adorned ‘I do’ moment.

Fashion Florals

When thinking fashion forward displays, go for a more creative look. The hanging greenery is simply stunning and would look great in an indoor or outdoor venue.

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We hope these floral arches inspire you to get creative and think outside the box when it comes to wedding decor!


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