Fun Engagement Party Games

Hosting an engagement party doesn’t just mean delicious food and drinks at a fun location. It also means having plenty of these fun engagement party games on hand too. One of the best ways to have guests interact and talk with each other is to play a few games. This will allow people who may not be acquainted with each other to open up and have a good time.

Game 1: How Well Do You Know The Couple?

What You’ll Need: Pads of paper, pens or pencils and prizes

How To Play: This trivia engagement party game is fun and all about the couple. You’ll create a list of 10 to 20 questions about either the couple individually or their relationship (like the date of their first kiss, date or dance). Have the couple answer the questions beforehand so you have a correct set of answers. You will read each question out loud and have guests write down their answers. Then you’ll call out the right answers at the end, counting one point for each question answered correctly. Whichever guest knows the couple best wins an engagement party favor.

Game 2: Picture Match

What You’ll Need: Photos of the couple, scissors and envelopes

How To Play: If you’re inviting guests from all over the place, whose only thing in common is their connection to the couple, this picture-matching party game will help jump-start the chitchat. Ask the couple for an assortment of photos of the two of them or print them from online. Make sure there are copies of these snapshots if they are prints, since they won’t be returned in one piece! Next, cut the photos in half and place each half in an envelope to be handed out randomly to guests when they arrive. Guests will have to talk to one another to find their picture’s other half—which can lead to some pretty funny mismatches along the way.

Game 3: Wedding Bingo

What You’ll Need: Homemade Bingo boards for each guest, Bingo chips, pennies or other small markers and prizes

How To Play: Who doesn’t love an old-fashioned game of Bingo? It’s a classic that everyone loves. Instead of using standard Bingo boards with letter and number combinations, create a board with fun images and phrases related to the couple’s relationship. As the Bingo caller, you can opt to play the traditional way in which anyone who gets five spaces in a row horizontally, diagonally or vertically wins, or switch it up after a few rounds to one direction only to make it a little more challenging. Whichever guest wins each round gets an engagement party favor.

Game 4: Guess the Famous Couples (20 Questions Style)

What You’ll Need: Pads of paper, pens or pencils, a bowl and prizes

How To Play: For this tricky party guessing game, have each guest write down 10 famous romantic couples (alive or dead, real or fictitious, together or divorced) and place them in a bowl. Then, you’ll split each guest into pairs. With each team going one at a time, one partner (the clue giver) picks a famous couple out of the bowl and must get their partner (the guesser) to guess the right couple. The guesser can ask up to 20 questions to determine who the mystery couple is, and the questions will be answered with either a “yes” or a “no” from the clue giver. To make things more interesting, set a timer for a minute or two for each pair’s turn, and see how many famous couples each team can get through before the time is up! Tally and score at the end, and whichever pair got the most couples right gets an engagement party favor.

Game 5: Couple’s Names

What You’ll Need: Pads of paper, pens or pencils and prizes

How To Play: Fast and festive engagement party word games like this one are ideal for Boggle and Scrabble lovers. Have each guest list all the words they can make using individual letters of the couple’s first names—depending on their name length and difficulty, add last names too, and potentially middle names and nicknames. The person who has the longest list of actual words wins an engagement party favor. Consider rewarding points for categories like the longest word, the most wedding-relevant terms and the funniest word about the couple.

These games are whole lot of fun and will definitely get your guests interacting and having fun with each other.

Party Games Credit to The Knot


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Brushstroke Wedding Cakes

When it comes to your wedding cake, the designing and flavor options are endless. A popular staple for wedding cakes has been the watercolor style. We now found a new trend that is up and coming quickly – brushstroke wedding cakes.  The overall look is part impressionism and part designer’s color palette. These cakes combine smatterings of broad sweeps and dabs of saturated color. Need some inspiration? Check out some that we found below that will take your dessert to the next level.


Painterly Pinks & Blues

To capture a soft and romantic look, have the tiers painted a soft pastel shade. Pretty pinks and navy blues featured in the above image are a match made in heaven. Go for an imperfect look, so you can see where the brush stopped and started. Adding a single flower will just complete this already artful look.

Chocolate Brushstrokes

Create this striking and edgy look for you wedding cake with the help of the Moscow-based bakery Kalabasa. This Russian bakery is known for doing crazy-cool things with colorful brushstrokes made from chocolate – yum! To create this look, the cake designers melted modeling chocolate until it was soft enough to spread. Then they used a pastry brush to swipe it onto parchment paper. Once the edible brushstrokes hardened, they were carefully placed on cake tiers.

Handpainted Brushstrokes

Handpainted brushstrokes convey an artistic and playful vibe. This is perfect if you’re hosting a colorful and whimsical wedding reception.

Different Strokes

If you want to go with a bright and modern look, opt for a single tier that’s decorated in painterly brushstrokes. Pair it with vibrant wafer-paper flowers to finish off the design.


Blue & Gold

The combination of blue and metallic gold is everything! The contrast between the two colors give off a rustic vibe that is perfect for the bohemian style wedding.


Image Credit to Brides

Things To Know About Writing Your Wedding Vows

It’s very easy to understand why many couples choose to write their own wedding vows. It’s a special way to tell your significant other and everyone else how you truly feel. Most people aren’t born poets, so it won’t come easy to most people. If you find yourself with a case of writers block, not to worry. We found nine things to know about writing your wedding vows that are sure to help you every step of the way.


Get Started One Month Before Your Wedding

By this time all your wedding planning and decision-making will be almost finished. This leaves you plenty of time to focus your time and energy on the day’s emotion. The sentiment is what matters most, try not to worry too much about the writing itself.

Begin Separately

It’s better to set some alone time for yourself to write your vows before you share them with your fiance. You don’t want to influence each other and say the same thing. It should be personal for both of you.

Ask Yourself Questions

What is your love story? What do you admire about your partner? What are your hopes for the future? Why are you spending the rest of your life with this person? What do you love most about him/her? Take your time when answering these questions, so they easily translate into vows.

Look To Literature

Once you’ve gathered your own thoughts and feelings, try looking into romantic books and other literature for some inspiration.

Make Promises

 What are you saying yes to? Focus on what the idea of marriage means to you. Think of all the good times in your relationship, but it doesn’t hurt to consider the hard time either.

Turn To Tradition

If you’re stuck on a couple of parts, try looking to classic wedding vows to incorporate into your own. For example, you might want to change “till death do us part” to “as long as we both shall live.”

Don’t Worry About Being Funny

Reciting your vows is special, it’s a promise of love and commitment – not an open-mic night at a comedy club. Don’t try and force being funny, let it happen naturally. Just focus on keeping it positive, upbeat and celebratory.

Mention The Rings

Make sure you write a line that signals the officiant and best man that its time to do the rings. “Ring vows” are short, they are no more than one or two sentences. Almost every couple uses “with this ring, I thee wed,” while other couples who are less traditional choose other messages like “with this ring in our hand, like our lives are joined forever.”

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice essentially makes perfect right? Preparing for your vows is very important, it’s like in high school when you had to rehearse a presentation over and over again.  Print out a copy in a reasonable size and typeface that is easy to read in case you need a reminder. Make a copy for the officiant, best man and maid of honor as a backup – you never know what could happen. You can ask your officiant to read your vows out loud line by line for you to repeat.


Image Credit & Tips To Martha Stewart Weddings


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How To Do The Long Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

When it comes to your wedding, your hairstyle is kind of a big deal. It’s very important how you want to wear your hair as there are so many different styles. Up, down, ponytail, waves, straight, curly, bun, braids – the list goes on. It’s best to choose a hairstyle that is easy and won’t constantly be in your face. Trust us you’ll want to show off your beautiful makeup too. It’s better to choose a style that you can easily keep together for the whole day and night. Most brides have a hard time keeping their hair put together for the whole day, due to the hustle and bustle that is being the bride. In six easy steps, we teach you how to do the long fishtail braid hairstyle that is both elegant yet sophisticated.

The Fishtail Braid How To


1. Start with loose curls and natural texture for a more messier braid, or brush your hair out first for a smoother look.

2. Then, you will create a deep side part and pull all your hair over to one side.

3. Piece your hair into two ponytails, and take a piece from the first side and pass it to the second side.

4. Next, take a piece from the second side and pass it back to the first side. 

5. Continue taking even sections of your hair until the braid is finished and wrap it with a clear elastic.

6. Gently, pull on the pieces of the braid to loosen it to your desired size.

Tip: To get a more textured braid, it’s best to do the braid when your hair hasn’t been washed in one-two days. 


 *Image Credit & Tutorial to Once Wed

Gold Wedding Ideas

The color gold will always be a wedding classic. The metallic hue really packs a colorful punch at any styled wedding and it will instantly up the glamour factor of your décor. Rustic outdoor weddings or classic indoor weddings can benefit from a little gold decoration. Just think of the possibilities! Gold wedding cakes, gold flatware, gold linens —it’s true, gold details fit in on every wedding level. These gold wedding ideas we found will definitely make you want this color in your wedding décor.

Timeless Gold Flatware 

There is no better way to amp up the elegant look than with gold flatware. Silver is the traditional color to use, but why not be a little different. This alternative is nothing short of flawless.

Foil Flecked Cake

If you’re not ready to go all-in on a gold palette, start small with an all white classic cake. Sprinkle some gold foil specs on it to give it a hint of shimmer.

Gold-Lettered Stationary

Hello fabulous! This super chic invitation features a pretty marble design and gold accent lettering that just takes this invite to the next level of gorgeous.

Metallic Table Elements

Gold just takes over all the table elements in the above image. From the gold-rimmed a gate slice, to gold vases, flatware, cups and even a napkin ring. These aspects add an eclectic vibe to the décor.

Metallic Chargers

The color match between the pink flowers and gold chargers is a combination that is just too perfect. The style is modern and gives off a boho and playful vibe.

Festive Gold Noisemakers

When you have gold noisemakers you don’t need the formal favors at each place setting. Add some metallic confetti to the mix and you’ll be celebrating only in style.

*Image Credit To Martha Stewart Weddings


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Classic First Dance Songs

The first dance at a wedding is one of the major highlights of the night. You and your husband get to dance to a romantic song and just enjoy the moment. From tried and true oldies, to the more modern hits of today this classic first dance songs list will have you swaying to the most beautiful lyrics and melodies.

Hawaii wedding first dance
via Inside Weddings

First Dance Songs

Amazed – Lonestar

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You – Elvis Presley

Everything – Michael Buble

How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) – James Taylor

In My Life – The Beatles

I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

Stand By Me – Ben. E. King

That’s How Strong My Love Is – Otis Redding

The Best Is Yet To Come – Frank Sinatra

Then – Brad Paisley

Your Song – Elton John

As – Stevie Wonder

As Time Goes By – Dooly Wilson

At Last – Etta James

Better Together – Jack Johnson

Crazy Love – Van Morrison

Grow Old With Me – Mary Chapin Carpenter

Just The Way You Are – Billy Joel

By Your Side – Sade

Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You – Frankie Valli or Lauryn Hill

Come Rain Or Come Shine – Ray Charles

First Day Of My Life – Bright Eyes

Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra

Here And Now – Luther Vandross

I Will – The Beatles

I Only Have Eyes For Your – The Flamingos

La Vie En Rose – Louis Armstrong

Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

L-O-V-E – Nat King Cole

Lucky – Colbie Caillat & Jason Mraz

Marry Me – Train

Our Love Is Here To Stay – Billie Holiday

Maybe I’m Amazed – Paul McCartney


Tell your  DJ or band to play one of these songs and your first dance will be one to remember forever. These songs will allow you and your partner to connect on the dance floor,  and everyone gets to witness your love in a unique way!

*Song List Credit To The Knot

Wedding Color And Style Mistakes Not To Make

When it comes to colors and matching the right ones, it can get pretty tricky. Choosing the right colors that go well together is very important for your wedding day. Just because you gave two favorite colors, doesn’t mean they will go well together. We rounded up a bunch of wedding color and style mistakes not to make for your special day.

Mistake 1: Using Too Many Colors








The Fix: Keep It Simple

With a few exceptions (see the next fix), you should pick two to four colors that go well together and stick to them. When you use the same colors throughout your wedding decor it will help create a cohesive flow, so that everything belongs. Sticking with you few palette of colors will also keep elements like your centerpieces from looking to messy.

Mistake 2: Limiting Yourself To Only Two Distinct Colors








The Fix: Break Rule #1 (Wisely)

We know we just explained mistake #1 but this can be a big mistake too. Especially for the eccentric and unique brides out there. Many weddings have a variety of colors that work well together. One way to pull this off for example, is a summery palette of colors that are inspired by the warm season.

Mistake 3: Choosing Trendy Colors








The Fix: Skip Fads

It’s easy for brides to get carried away with wedding inspiration that they see on Pinterest, bridal magazines and more. Just because you love a fresh idea on paper or online, doesn’t mean it will necessarily be the right choice for your wedding. You should be happy with whatever color palette you choose, seeing as how your wedding will be documented forever. If you’re stuck on a color trend then try using it on a certain element or aspect of your wedding – don’t make it the main event.

Mistake 4: Using The Wrong Color Ratio








The Fix: Balance Brights

If you have two dominant colors in your palette, it doesn’t mean you should use them equally. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not considering the eye’s need for rest and calm. Before you plan any further, decide which hue will take center stage – this will essentially affect your choice in linens and lighting. Balancing your colors is key to making even the most crazy combinations Thoughtfully balancing your colors is the key to making even the most crazy combinations look chic and sophisticated.

Mistake 5: Choosing Predictable Colors








The Fix: Take (a little) Risk

Certain color combinations come with obvious connotations. Some colors just match better with others, but why be so strict and matchy matchy.  The trick to this is switching up one shade to downplay the resemblance. Instead of a standard red, try a lighter or darker shade of red paired with a blue or green. Add elegance to your decor by using colors only switching a couple and using different shades.


Mistake 6: Ignoring Texture








The Fix: Broaden your Definition of Matching

Some colors may not go well together is the textures are different. When you mix textures in the same hue it can add more depth to your wedding than simply combining multiple colors. Using patterns like stripes or florals can help break up the bold colors, so a hue like bright yellow or black won’t overwhelm your table.


Mistake 7: Not Coordinating Your Paper Elements








The Fix: Include Your Colors In The Invitations 

Your invitations sets the stage for your wedding. Coordinating the colors of your invitations to your wedding is very important and easy if you already know what color theme you want to go with. Also, don’t sacrifice readability for style. Your type should contrast with your paper, so balance brighter shades with neutrals and always avoid light color fonts.

*Image Credit to The Knot



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Unexpected Honeymoon Destinations

Unexpected Honeymoon Destinations

After all the hustle and bustle that goes into planning your special wedding day, it’s a good idea to take some time to relax. Luckily, that’s what honeymoons are for! They give you the opportunity to spend quality time with your significant other as newlyweds before getting back to the real world.

Tropical destinations are often a first choice where you can bathe in the sun, sip on cocktails, and embrace the island culture. But, what if all-inclusive vacations aren’t really your thing? News flash… you can find a romantic honeymoon destination that isn’t the typical getaway to Mexico or the Carribean! We came across some unique and unexpected honeymoon destinations that we think you’ll love travelling to. Below are some of our favourites featured from Trip To and The Knot!

Destination 1: Palawan, Philippines

Unexpected Honeymoon Destinations

Ten-second takeaway: It’s the country’s final frontier – an untainted region of stunning waterscape and tropical excellence. Philippines’ most sparsely populated region is also the most enchanting.

What to do: Hike and try the different adventures in Ugong Rock; go island-hopping on the quiet waters of Honda Bay; get up close and personal with the wild animals at the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center.

Destination 2: Hvar, Croatia

Unexpected Honeymoon Destinations

Ten-second takeaway: While this Croatian town attracts its share of party lovers, what most people don’t know is that Hvar also offers plenty of romance for honeymooners.

What to do: Spend a day unwinding on the Grebisce beach or lose all sense of direction in the lavender fields near Velo Grablje.

Devour gourmet fish straight from the sea and don’t forget to take a day excursion to the Paklinski Islands.

Destination 3: Algarve, Portugal

Unexpected Honeymoon Destinations

Ten-second takeaway: This southernmost region of Portugal is also the third richest in the country. The appealing shoreline of the Algarve receives most attention for its amazing cliffs, brilliant shorelines and sandy islands. While the rest of Portugal is a premier honeymoon destination, the Algarve is still a hidden delight.

What to do: Take a yacht and go to Arte Nautica – an oceanfront eatery on Armacao de Pera shoreline. Request a table out on the porch, and do try the Mozambique tiger prawns.

Get drenched in Algarve Water Parks. The three main ones are Aquashow, Aqualand and Slide & Splash.

Destination 4: Tanzania

Unexpected Honeymoon Destinations

What to Do: After spending a full night partying it up in Arusha (located near the airport, it has a lively bar scene), relax on a flight to Lake Manyara (planned by andBeyond, and get ready to whip your camera out to snap shots of Masai giraffes (put it away to soak in the hot springs); then head to Serengeti, Tanzania’s oldest game reserve, for a classic safari ride ( At Ngorongoro Crater, sip local wine on a terrace and keep your eyes peeled for black rhinos.

Destination 5: Cape Town, South Africa

Unexpected Honeymoon Destinations

What to Do: Walk across the iconic Table Mountain, which, as its name suggests, is flat on top. Also take a ride through Stellenbosch, a region of the Cape Winelands known for its Cape Dutch architecture and vineyards. A day trip idea: Swim with the African penguins at Boulders Beach.

Now how are those for honeymoon destinations? These are best for the adventurous couple who want to explore and try fun activities. We guarantee that these unexpected honeymoon destinations will make lasting memories with your partner.

After all, there is no pressure in where you should and shouldn’t go on your honeymoon! While these may be perfect for you, they are certainly not for everyone. Let us know where your dream honeymoon vacation is in the comments below! 🙂

Credit to TripTo/The Knot for images & content.

Glitter Ice Cubes

For all of the glitter loving gals out there – this sparkly idea is just for you. If you ever need to chill your wine for any bridal event or your wedding, you absolutely have to make these glitter ice cubes for the ice bucket. They’re definitely not edible cubes and can get messy – but it’s all worth it.



via Something Turquoise

Clear Ice Bucket

Distilled Water

Chunky Glitter

Ice Cube Trays

Glitter + Water

via Something Turquoise

Add your chunky glitter into each ice cube tray and then fill it with water about 1/4″ below the top. When water freezes it tends to expand, so make sure you don’t overfill!

CRAFTING TIP: Using distilled water is better because it will help you get an ice cube that is much more clear.


via Something Turquoise

Next, just let the cubes freeze. Place them side by side and wait about an hour until they’re ready.

Glitter + Sparkly

via Something Turquoise

These are a mess, a gorgeous glittery mess. Crack them out of the ice cube trays and store them in freezer bags until the day of your event.


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Including A Monogram Into A Wedding

If there was ever a reason you wanted to use a monogram of your initials or name into something, that time is now. Your wedding is a very important and special day, why not add something unique to the decor. A lot of brides are including a monogram into a wedding because it just adds a little something special to an already amazing day. Here we show you a few ways you can use monograms for your big day.


The Invitations 

via Wedding & Wedding Flowers

This just looks so elegant and chic! Have a stationer create a stylish font for you and display it on your invitations.

The Aisle

via Wedding & Wedding Flowers

Decorate your aisle with a monogrammed carpet or sheet for a more personal touch of you and your soon to be hubby.

Bouquets & Confetti Cones

via Wedding & Wedding Flowers

From confetti cones (if you have them) to the ribbon wrapped around your bridesmaids bouquets – there is no such thing as too much when it comes to showing off your new moniker.

The Reception

via Wedding & Wedding Flowers

Instead of splashing your initials or letters all over the reception area, the key is to be subtle. Adding the monogram on a few parts of the decor is more eye catching than all over the place.

The Cake

via Wedding & Wedding Flowers

Whether it’s in the icing or placed on by other edible materials, it will make a suitable and decadent finishing touch to your cake.

The Dance Floor

via Wedding & Wedding Flowers

Dance floors are mostly plain and boring. A gorgeous sticker of your initials can transform that plain space into something truly special and beautiful.

Create something special and put monograms in different parts of your wedding. There are so many different ways you can include monograms in your wedding in addition to the ones mentioned above – napkins, party favors, reception decor, ceremony decor, customized gifts or prizes etc.


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