Creative Menu Ideas

There is so much more to wedding food than your average chicken and potatoes. Thinking outside the box – you can take regular food or dessert, and turn it into something fresh and new. From classy carnival food to a donut bar, spice up your reception with these fun and creative menu ideas.


Popsicle Cocktails

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If you’re having an outdoor wedding in the middle of summer, there’s nothing more refreshing than ice cold popsicles. Picture the gourmet version, with flavors like lavender and orange crème. Sounds delicious right? Ask your caterer or whoever is providing the food, to imprint you and your partners initials to make them extra special.

Make-Your-Own-Food Bars

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To make it a more casual affair, let your guests be the chef. Put together an assortment of delicious finger foods that your guests can get anytime they want throughout the evening. Give your guests the option to customize their food with extras that are easy to grab and go.

Classy Carnival Food

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We’re talking about the good stuff – cotton candy, cracker jacks, funnel cakes and anything else you might find at a carnival – all dressed up on a display table. You can even complete the carnival theme with a popcorn bar for a late night snack and a fresh funnel cake cart. Sounds delish!

A Donut Bar 

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Two words: Yes please! If you’re not the traditional bride and groom, you can still have a “cake cutting” even if you’re slicing through a delicious stack of donuts. You can choose to serve any kind you like, from retro classics like cream and jelly filled or some new flavors like white chocolate and almond.

Dressed-Up Comfort Food

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Having comfort food at a wedding has been popular for years now. Currently, it’s all about the presentation and how things look. For example, if your a french fries and burgers kind of girl try wrapping the french fries in monogrammed paper. Or take mini burger sliders and wrap them in napkins with your new last name on it. Either way, comfort food is always a favorite, no matter how its wrapped.

We hope you get inspired by these unique ideas for your wedding or pass on these ideas to a friend for theirs. We’re positive your guests will enjoy them too!





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Wedding Chair Covers

Looking to add a personal touch to your reception decor? One of our favorite, simple solutions is adding a chic cover to your rental chairs. These days, chair covers come in all sorts of elegant styles, fabrics and sizes.  From long and airy to short and sweet. For your own reception seating, here are some of the most chic wedding chair covers we’ve found to ensure your wedding guests have the best seat in the house.


Linen Chair Covers

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These simple yet elegant chair covers are draped over Chiavari chairs and they feature subtle button details behind the cushion. The soft, taupe hue adds warmth to an  all-white reception tablescape.

Full Length Lace Chair Covers

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These Chiavari chairs are a popular reception-chair choice, which means you can make yours stand out by adding these pretty, lace slipcovers. The floral pattern and sheer fabric will help give your open-air reception a romantic feel.

Floor Length Chiavari Chair Covers

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These scarf-like chair covers are woven through the chair and cascade down to the floor. The creamy-white chair embellishments balance the dark color of the chairs and add softness to the overall reception look. If your theme is neutral/white, these covers are perfect.

Lace Slipcovers

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These dainty, lacy slip covers are simple and stunning. They slip right over the tops of the reception chairs and add the perfect amount of charm and romance to your tablescape.

Mid-Length Chair Covers

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Maybe your venue provides complimentary chairs but you don’t particularly like how the chair-back looks. You can easily cover them up with these pretty mid-length chair slips; this neutral, rosy-taupe color would complement a wide array of wedding palettes.




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The Perfect Beauty Looks For Brides

You want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, but you also want to look like you. Since there are so many beauty looks out there, finding one that suits your big day and your personality can be difficult. Here, we share with you The Perfect Beauty Looks For Brides that range from boho-chic to classic and timeless.

Boho-Chic Bride


via Martha Stewart Weddings









As a boho-chic bride, you want to look effortless. You’ll want to strive for a more natural look, with softer makeup look and simple hairstyle. A braid is very common with boho brides because of its simplicity. Also, leaving your hair down in soft waves is favorable. A half-up hairstyle is another favorite for boho brides, keeping your curls soft and pinned back. Where makeup is concerned, neutral earth tones for the eyes and lips with soft eyeliner is best. A peachy or light pink lip color will complete your whole look.

Rustic Bride

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If your more of a rustic bride, chances are your wedding will be outdoors. A lot of outside factors come into play, like the weather, so maintenance is key when choosing your overall look. A rustic bride is mostly similar to a boho-chic bride in the sense that your hair and makeup looks are toned down, effortless and simple. Stick with neutral makeup tones, soft curls or beachy waves and a lightly colored lip.



Classic Bride

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A classic brides beauty looks is – you guessed it – timeless. Think traditional, but with a modern and personal twist. You want a natural look that is chic and clean. Your makeup will be simple, a soft bronze contour and peachy cheek will give you that timeless glow. Paired with a taupe eyeshadow and ivory shimmer on your lid – it just screams traditional and timeless. For your hair, it can range from a classic up do to a low bun or lay straight with a hint of a wave. Adding a little hair accessory gives your hairstyle a nice boost too!

Romantic Bride

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With a romantic bride look, your hair and makeup will have a classic tone to it. but not without some added shine! Think soft waves and loose curls for the romantic bride look. For an up-do, its best to have your hair loose and curled but slightly unstructured. A bridal headband also makes for a perfect accessory. Sultry eyes and a pouty lip are perfect for the romantic bride. Darker shimmer colors on the eyes and a nice gloss should be the look you want to achieve.

Glam Bride

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A glam bride has a more dramatic makeup and hair look, but still beautiful for your big day. The makeup will be slightly heavier and your hair would require more effort and styling. Indoor weddings are a bonus for this type of wedding look as they offer the best atmosphere for longevity. You can achieve this look with short or long hair. Clean and sleek styles or very polished curls are your go-to when creating this glam look. A high up-do or low bun is also acceptable to achieve the look. The eyes are the main focus of this look, using false lashes that extend in the outer corners will give you a cat-eye appearance that will make your eyes appear larger – but still pretty. Another option is the smokey-eye style paired with a light or nude lip.






Wedding Thank You Notes

Receiving a wedding gift is awesome! Writing the thank you notes is slightly less fun. The task of writing a personal wedding thank you note to 100 plus people is seriously daunting, but doable. We have found a complete wedding thank you notes survival guide – think of it as a hand-hold for every step of the way – from wedding thank you etiquette to how to write a thank you note.


Step 1 – Start Early

Your prep starts months before you unwrap your first gift. Do yourself a favor and make a copy of your guest list and add a column for gifts and wedding thank-you notes. This will allow you to keep a record of which registry gifts you’ve received – and from whom you received it from. Who doesn’t love checking something off a list? This way you can keep track of every gift and thank you note you wrote.

Step 2 – Stock Up

This step is fun in the thank you note process! Invest in some stationary that represents you and your husband as a couple, or pick out simple white note cards. Thank you cards will never go out of style, but it’s important to stock up on some shortly after you get engaged. Pro tip: stick with blue or black ink, it’s easier to read and it won’t smudge if you use a good roller ball pen!

Step 3 – Set Up Shop

It’s a good idea to designate a space in your house as the “writing station.” You’ll be more likely to write wedding thank you notes if you are in a comfortable space to work in with all your supplies ready. If you don’t have a desk area, keep your cards near a table or hard surface.

Step 4 – Get Down To Business

As soon as your wedding gifts start to arrive, we suggest you start penning notes as soon as possible – they could arrive before the wedding and after so it’s always good to be prepared. Don’t try to get them all done in one sitting, set aside 30 minutes every night to tackle the task at hand. Always sign both of your names as the gift is for you and your spouse – unless your signing to your bachlorette besties or your bachelor groomsmen. If you want to divide the responsibility between you and your spouse you can or if one of has better penmanship than that person can write them – do whatever works best for you.

Step 5 – Pen The Perfect Note

It’s always best to personalize your wedding thank you note to the addressee and the gift they gave. Instead of repeating the same message, it’s good to add in a little something more personal, like an inside joke or what you plan on doing with that gift specifically.  If they gave you money for example, it’s best to say something like “we can’t wait to indulge at the spa on our honeymoon.” Always remember to thank them for attending your wedding and for thinking of you at this special time in your life.

Wedding Thank You Notes Guide & Featured Image via The Knot



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Tips For Brides On A Budget

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that costs can add up quickly. From your dress, the food, to finding the perfect venue, there are a lot of different expenses to consider when planning for your big day. Whether you’re working with a generous amount from your gracious parents or your hard-earnest savings, almost every bride has a budget they want to stick with. That’s why we have taken these Tips For Brides On A Budget from the lovely Lauren Conrad team – obviously, who better than her and her team to share these! The trick is knowing where to splurge and where to save. It’s best to spend on the things that really matter to you, and find a way to save on the things that don’t necessarily mean as much. Once you have your priorities straight, refer to the list below.

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

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A Los Angeles based wedding planner, Allison Erlikhman of Bookend Events recommends cutting your dessert budget in half. Which means having a smaller cutting cake on display in front of guests and then having a sheet cake hidden in the back.

Give Your Table A Glow

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If you can’t afford the big and beautiful floral arrangements you wanted, not to worry. Adding some candles to the table will enhance the atmosphere and dining experience for your guests.

Save On Your Shoes

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There is no need to break the bank on a designer shoe when no one will see them. Your shoes are most likely to be covered all night, so why spend so much money when you can buy an affordable pair that are still just as pretty!

End The Open Bar Early

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This doesn’t mean you cut your guests off before the party is over. It’s best to see if your venue will charge you for alcohol upon consumption in the later hours, instead of charging you for an open bar all night. Drinking tends to slow down anyway in the later hours of the night when your guests start to leave – making this a super cost-effective option!


When your deep in your planning process I hope you’ll look back on these tips and hopefully they come in handy for you. You only get married once (hopefully!) and it’s important for every girl to have her dream wedding – stress free.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

As a bride, it’s very easy to get caught up in the stress and planning of quite possibly the biggest day of your life. Even though the bride is a very vital part of a wedding, no one deserves more of a thank you – or a pretty present – than a bridesmaid. Who other than your besties will plan everything from your bachelorette party, to your bridal shower, or listen to you talk non-stop about wedding planning. Bridesmaid are truly the unsung heroes of the wedding process. If your having trouble honring your bridesmaids with something unique, not to worry. Below, we’re sharing bridesmaid gift ideas we think are perfect for your special ladies!

Monogrammed Compact

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First of all, these compact mirrors are beautiful. Second, having them engraved with your besties initials makes them a sweet and sentimental gift.

Nude Nail Polish Set


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You can never go wrong with a nail polish set. Especially when it’s all nude shades!

Spa Day

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The wedding process isn’t just stressful for the bride – your girls will take the brunt of that energy too sometimes. Treat them with a gift certificate for massages or mani/pedis relax those aisle walking jitters.

Floating Freshwater Pearl Necklace

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One of the best ways to say thank you is with Jewellery. This pearl necklace from Beaucoup is simple, chic and it comes with a heartfelt note to express your deepest thanks.

Floral Robe

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This printed robe is fun, playful and will photograph perfectly. Your besties will also be nice and comfortable while getting ready for the big day!


Thinking of a gift for your bridesmaids can be tough, especially if you have a lot of girls in your bridal party. Choosing gifts like this that are easy, affordable and simple – but still chic- will show them just how much you appreciate them for their help and being there for you on what will be the most special day of your life!





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Wedding Favors

You’ll always remember your wedding day, and it can be just as unforgettable to all of your guests. The small keepsakes a bride and groom give their guests to commemorate the occasion can prove to be a long-lasting and treasured way to spark a memory of the special day. Coming up with wedding favors can be tricky, so we came across a bunch that we think will make perfect little gifts for your guests.

Homemade Granola










Sweet or savory? Have your guests choose from a mix of flavorful munchies that are sure to be devoured in the car ride home. Fill small mason jars with a delicious snack and add a label so it’s easy for guests to grab the mix they want as they go.

Personalized Flash Drive


The sad news is that the party must come to an end at some point. The good news is that you can send guests home with memories that will play on forever. Load a flash drive with favorite photos and your very own playlist!

Hot Cocoa Cones


If you’re getting married in the winter, give your guests something extra rich and delicious that they can make when they get home. As for those marshmallows, they’re a must to include!

Simple Succulents


Now this is a gift that is memorable and long-lasting. Attach your guest’s name and table number to each one to make it extra special.

Images via Real Simple




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DIY Flower Crown

Over the years, flower crowns have become more and more popular world wide. Whether it’s a music festival, a wedding or just an afternoon out with your best friends, nowadays flower crowns seem to be the go-to accessory. There’s something whimsical and girly about flower crowns, and they add something unique to your outfit or your whole wedding look. This DIY flower crown tutorial by Lauren Conrad is super easy and won’t take you hours to complete. We recommend doing it with your besties, it’s a fun project you’ll all enjoy doing together!


  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Wire cutters (floral)
  • Greenery
  • Flowers (real of faux, your choice!)


1.  First, take a piece of floral wire and form it into a circular shape. Rest it atop your head to see how long you need the wire to be to form a loose crown around your head. Cut off excessive wire, and form the rest into a circular shape. Tape the circle shut with floral tape (you’ll want to wrap the tape around the wire several times)

2. Choose your greens and flowers. Start your crown with a layer of pretty greenery that covers the wire, which will act as the base of your crown. Once you have your greenery, you’ll tape it to the crown with your floral tape.

3. Once you have the greenery taped to the crown, it’s time to add your flowers. To attach each flower to the crown, make sure the flower stems are at least 3 inches long (you can cut off excess stems with scissors or wire cutters), and, using floral tape, tape the stem to the crown (see photo below). Just like for the greenery, you’ll want to wrap the tape around the stem about four to five times to make sure it stays.

Images/DIY via Lauren Conrad 




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Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Choosing who to include in your bridal party can be a stressful decision for all brides. While the fun comes during the wedding planning process, it is the initial decision of narrowing down the few ladies who you want to join you every step of the way. Once you have a list picked out, we came across some fun and unique bridesmaid proposal ideas that will help you pop the question in style!

The great thing about these ideas is that you don’t have to use just one for all your bridesmaids! Pick and choose the ones that will reflect the relationship you have with each bridesmaid the best to make it more personable.

Below are some of our favourites!

Customized Mug/Glass

This is the perfect gift for the tea/coffee or wine lover in your life. It’s both useful and practical and adds a special touch when customized with their name or initials. Consider pairing it with a wine bottle (as featured below), a coffee shop gift card, or some of your favourite teas!

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas
(Via Bridal Story)
Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas
(Via Etsy)


One of the benefits of choosing jewelry as your proposal gift is that it’ll last a lifetime. This bridesmaid gift idea is for the chic and trendy gals who have a soft spot for all things dainty! They’ll be filled with special memories each time they reach out to wear it.

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas
(Via Etsy)
Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas
(Via Simple Route Bridal)


Red, white, rose, there’s a wine for everybody. This is definitely a fun idea that can be completely customized based on the bridesmaids wine tastes, and through the bottle label. Depending on how many bridesmaids you plan on having in your bridal party, this can be an inexpensive but cherishable gift for all. It’s up to you how much to spend on the wine bottles, and instead of buying the labels, consider designing and printing your own!

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas
(Via Etsy)
Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas
(Via Etsy)

Gift Box

This option is for the indecisive bride who can’t choose just one gift idea. We completely understand.. why choose one when you can have more than one?! Creating a box for your bridesmaids will be a great activity for you to take on and get creative. Consider filling it with some of their favourite treats, a candle, a bottle of sparkling wine/champagne, body soaps, perfume, etc. The list is endless so be sure to have fun with it!

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas
(Via Green Wedding Shoes)
Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas
(Via The Blue Eyed Dove)

The most important takeaway we want you to remember from these ideas is to have fun with whatever option you choose! Take your time picking out items that you know those special ladies will love and be thrilled to have on your proposal day.  We are sure they will be over the moon with the end result!

*Featured Image via Bridestory/Adeline and Grace Photography