The Perfect Beauty Looks For Brides

You want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, but you also want to look like you. Since there are so many beauty looks out there, finding one that suits your big day and your personality can be difficult. Here, we share with you The Perfect Beauty Looks For Brides that range from boho-chic to classic and timeless.

Boho-Chic Bride


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As a boho-chic bride, you want to look effortless. You’ll want to strive for a more natural look, with softer makeup look and simple hairstyle. A braid is very common with boho brides because of its simplicity. Also, leaving your hair down in soft waves is favorable. A half-up hairstyle is another favorite for boho brides, keeping your curls soft and pinned back. Where makeup is concerned, neutral earth tones for the eyes and lips with soft eyeliner is best. A peachy or light pink lip color will complete your whole look.

Rustic Bride

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If your more of a rustic bride, chances are your wedding will be outdoors. A lot of outside factors come into play, like the weather, so maintenance is key when choosing your overall look. A rustic bride is mostly similar to a boho-chic bride in the sense that your hair and makeup looks are toned down, effortless and simple. Stick with neutral makeup tones, soft curls or beachy waves and a lightly colored lip.



Classic Bride

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A classic brides beauty looks is – you guessed it – timeless. Think traditional, but with a modern and personal twist. You want a natural look that is chic and clean. Your makeup will be simple, a soft bronze contour and peachy cheek will give you that timeless glow. Paired with a taupe eyeshadow and ivory shimmer on your lid – it just screams traditional and timeless. For your hair, it can range from a classic up do to a low bun or lay straight with a hint of a wave. Adding a little hair accessory gives your hairstyle a nice boost too!

Romantic Bride

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With a romantic bride look, your hair and makeup will have a classic tone to it. but not without some added shine! Think soft waves and loose curls for the romantic bride look. For an up-do, its best to have your hair loose and curled but slightly unstructured. A bridal headband also makes for a perfect accessory. Sultry eyes and a pouty lip are perfect for the romantic bride. Darker shimmer colors on the eyes and a nice gloss should be the look you want to achieve.

Glam Bride

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A glam bride has a more dramatic makeup and hair look, but still beautiful for your big day. The makeup will be slightly heavier and your hair would require more effort and styling. Indoor weddings are a bonus for this type of wedding look as they offer the best atmosphere for longevity. You can achieve this look with short or long hair. Clean and sleek styles or very polished curls are your go-to when creating this glam look. A high up-do or low bun is also acceptable to achieve the look. The eyes are the main focus of this look, using false lashes that extend in the outer corners will give you a cat-eye appearance that will make your eyes appear larger – but still pretty. Another option is the smokey-eye style paired with a light or nude lip.