Inexpensive Wedding Details

Designing your dream wedding on a reasonable budget is easier said than done. Especially if you want a celebration that your friends and family will be talking about for a very long time after. Not to worry savvy brides, we found inexpensive wedding details that will make a big impact on your special day. Trust us, you’ll want to save this for future reference! It’s important to take the time to research and see what you can and can’t afford when it comes to every detail of your wedding.

Aisle Markers

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Sometimes less is more, and that couldn’t be more true for a wedding ceremony. Some brides have the aisle full of blooms and greenery and it can be a bit much. A simple, small floral arrangement will do the trick.

Welcome Gifts

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No matter how small the gift is, your guests will love receiving a small token of your appreciation as the wedding festivities start.

Greenery Accents

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It’s pretty amazing how a little touch of greenery can make a room POP, especially if the color palette is neutral. It’s totally on trend, inexpensive and simply beautiful.

Pretty Pillows

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Take your lounge area from standard and predictable to stylish and chic with pretty throw pillows. Instead of renting them, you can purchase them and save them for your new home!

Oversized Balloons

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Balloons are probably not the first item you think of as a decor piece for a wedding. Deciding to make them oversized can help with empty spaces in the room.


When it comes to designing your wedding your options are endless. You can’t have every single thing you want but you can make wise and budget friendly decisions. This includes everything, from food, to decor, music, styling, ceremony, reception and the list goes on.


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Wedding Color And Style Mistakes Not To Make

When it comes to colors and matching the right ones, it can get pretty tricky. Choosing the right colors that go well together is very important for your wedding day. Just because you gave two favorite colors, doesn’t mean they will go well together. We rounded up a bunch of wedding color and style mistakes not to make for your special day.

Mistake 1: Using Too Many Colors








The Fix: Keep It Simple

With a few exceptions (see the next fix), you should pick two to four colors that go well together and stick to them. When you use the same colors throughout your wedding decor it will help create a cohesive flow, so that everything belongs. Sticking with you few palette of colors will also keep elements like your centerpieces from looking to messy.

Mistake 2: Limiting Yourself To Only Two Distinct Colors








The Fix: Break Rule #1 (Wisely)

We know we just explained mistake #1 but this can be a big mistake too. Especially for the eccentric and unique brides out there. Many weddings have a variety of colors that work well together. One way to pull this off for example, is a summery palette of colors that are inspired by the warm season.

Mistake 3: Choosing Trendy Colors








The Fix: Skip Fads

It’s easy for brides to get carried away with wedding inspiration that they see on Pinterest, bridal magazines and more. Just because you love a fresh idea on paper or online, doesn’t mean it will necessarily be the right choice for your wedding. You should be happy with whatever color palette you choose, seeing as how your wedding will be documented forever. If you’re stuck on a color trend then try using it on a certain element or aspect of your wedding – don’t make it the main event.

Mistake 4: Using The Wrong Color Ratio








The Fix: Balance Brights

If you have two dominant colors in your palette, it doesn’t mean you should use them equally. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not considering the eye’s need for rest and calm. Before you plan any further, decide which hue will take center stage – this will essentially affect your choice in linens and lighting. Balancing your colors is key to making even the most crazy combinations Thoughtfully balancing your colors is the key to making even the most crazy combinations look chic and sophisticated.

Mistake 5: Choosing Predictable Colors








The Fix: Take (a little) Risk

Certain color combinations come with obvious connotations. Some colors just match better with others, but why be so strict and matchy matchy.  The trick to this is switching up one shade to downplay the resemblance. Instead of a standard red, try a lighter or darker shade of red paired with a blue or green. Add elegance to your decor by using colors only switching a couple and using different shades.


Mistake 6: Ignoring Texture








The Fix: Broaden your Definition of Matching

Some colors may not go well together is the textures are different. When you mix textures in the same hue it can add more depth to your wedding than simply combining multiple colors. Using patterns like stripes or florals can help break up the bold colors, so a hue like bright yellow or black won’t overwhelm your table.


Mistake 7: Not Coordinating Your Paper Elements








The Fix: Include Your Colors In The Invitations 

Your invitations sets the stage for your wedding. Coordinating the colors of your invitations to your wedding is very important and easy if you already know what color theme you want to go with. Also, don’t sacrifice readability for style. Your type should contrast with your paper, so balance brighter shades with neutrals and always avoid light color fonts.

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Including A Monogram Into A Wedding

If there was ever a reason you wanted to use a monogram of your initials or name into something, that time is now. Your wedding is a very important and special day, why not add something unique to the decor. A lot of brides are including a monogram into a wedding because it just adds a little something special to an already amazing day. Here we show you a few ways you can use monograms for your big day.


The Invitations 

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This just looks so elegant and chic! Have a stationer create a stylish font for you and display it on your invitations.

The Aisle

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Decorate your aisle with a monogrammed carpet or sheet for a more personal touch of you and your soon to be hubby.

Bouquets & Confetti Cones

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From confetti cones (if you have them) to the ribbon wrapped around your bridesmaids bouquets – there is no such thing as too much when it comes to showing off your new moniker.

The Reception

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Instead of splashing your initials or letters all over the reception area, the key is to be subtle. Adding the monogram on a few parts of the decor is more eye catching than all over the place.

The Cake

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Whether it’s in the icing or placed on by other edible materials, it will make a suitable and decadent finishing touch to your cake.

The Dance Floor

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Dance floors are mostly plain and boring. A gorgeous sticker of your initials can transform that plain space into something truly special and beautiful.

Create something special and put monograms in different parts of your wedding. There are so many different ways you can include monograms in your wedding in addition to the ones mentioned above – napkins, party favors, reception decor, ceremony decor, customized gifts or prizes etc.


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