How To Do The Long Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

When it comes to your wedding, your hairstyle is kind of a big deal. It’s very important how you want to wear your hair as there are so many different styles. Up, down, ponytail, waves, straight, curly, bun, braids – the list goes on. It’s best to choose a hairstyle that is easy and won’t constantly be in your face. Trust us you’ll want to show off your beautiful makeup too. It’s better to choose a style that you can easily keep together for the whole day and night. Most brides have a hard time keeping their hair put together for the whole day, due to the hustle and bustle that is being the bride. In six easy steps, we teach you how to do the long fishtail braid hairstyle that is both elegant yet sophisticated.

The Fishtail Braid How To


1. Start with loose curls and natural texture for a more messier braid, or brush your hair out first for a smoother look.

2. Then, you will create a deep side part and pull all your hair over to one side.

3. Piece your hair into two ponytails, and take a piece from the first side and pass it to the second side.

4. Next, take a piece from the second side and pass it back to the first side. 

5. Continue taking even sections of your hair until the braid is finished and wrap it with a clear elastic.

6. Gently, pull on the pieces of the braid to loosen it to your desired size.

Tip: To get a more textured braid, it’s best to do the braid when your hair hasn’t been washed in one-two days. 


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Flower Girl Hairstyles

A flower girl is most likely the cutest part of a wedding. She’ll have her moment walking down the isle and is dressed to perfection from head to toe. She will be even more excited to perform her wedding-party duties when she looks as good as she feels. Try these flower girl hairstyles by Cozy Friedmann, the founder of Cozy’s Cuts For Kids in New York City!

Flipped Ponytail 

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This is a simple, yet chic hair-do. Make a low ponytail using a clear elastic, then flip it over the elastic a few times to twist hair.

Single Twist Side-swept Hairstyle

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The easier the hairstyle, the better. Try a wavy texture by blow-drying strands with a diffuser, pinning them off the face, and adding a floral accent.

Twisted Bun Up-Do

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This style is perfect for an adult, but for kids it’s even better. Split a high pony tail into two sections, twist them together into a relaxed bun, and add a faux bloom to make it extra pretty.

Braided Half-Up-Half-Down Hairstyle

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A simple yet elegant look, one up and the rest down is a classic. Take two sections of her hair at the part, braid one to the right and one to the left until they meet. Crisscross them into one plait and pin. You can even use a flower pin or some sort of accessory that matches her dress or wedding theme.



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Wedding Day Hairstyles

Choosing how to wear your hair on your wedding day can be daunting. Do you decide on an updo? Waves? Straight? Natural? The list is endless. While a hairstyle can very much depend on the style of dress, it is completely a personal preference and should make you feel comfortable on your wedding day. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect, so give yourself plenty of time in the days (and months) leading up to your wedding to try these out! It’ll give you a good idea on how you’ll look the day of without any surprises or stress. Take a look at some of our favourite wedding day hairstyles below!


Updo’s are very popular for wedding days, especially if you have a lot of detail, a low back, or a unique element at the top of your wedding dress. It keeps your hair away from your face and is perfect for hot summer weddings when you don’t want to sweat more than necessary! You can never go wrong with classic bun or chignon.

Wedding Day Hairstyles
(Via The Knot/ Nicolle LaPierre Photography)
Wedding Day Hairstyles
(Via The Knot/ Logan Walker Photography)


Going with curls or loose waves is always a winner. These hairstyles are often romantic, soft or voluminous, and scream: here comes the bride! They definitely add a nice flirty touch to your whole ensemble.

Wedding Day Hairstyles
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Wedding Day Hairstyles
(Via Sooper Mag)


Braids add nice texture to an otherwise plain jane hairstyle. They’re feminine, pretty, and can be used on both updo’s, half-up/half-down, and loose hairstyles! Depending on how loose the braids are, they can make for a nice boho & natural inspired look. Plus, you can choose from so many styles: fishtail, french braid, milkmaid, three-stand, etc!

Wedding Day Hairstyles
(Via The Knot)
Wedding Day Hairstyles
(Via Wedding Forward)

We hope these hairstyles inspired you to choose one for your special day. Whichever one you choose, remember that they can be completely customized. Feel free to add a sparkly/lace headband, flower crown, flowers clips, etc. It’ll add a nice personal touch and can help you achieve the overall look you’re going for!

Pre-Wedding Skincare Regimens

Every bride wants flawless and fresh looking skin on their wedding day – and everyday too of course. With the latest skincare innovations, it has become easier than ever to get wedding-ready and photo-ready skin. If you’re looking to boost radiance or get rid of blemishes, we’ve got you covered. From sheet masks to hydrating essences,  we’re sharing Pre-Wedding Skincare Regimens that you should consider using before or on the big day. Bring on the glow ladies!

Dual Moist Hyaluron Essence

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This Dual Hyaluron Essence will give that spritz of hydration your skin needs. It’s formulated with olive-derived squalane, hyaluronic acid, ceramide and vitamin E. Which in turn quenches parched skin, infusing it with ultra moisture. *Available at Glow Recipe

Five Sacred Grains Brighter Eye Cream

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You might find yourself looking really tired and not rested after a late night of celebrating or wedding planning. This Wei eye cream is exactly what you need for those late nights. It has a potent blend of coconut water and “Five Sacred Grains” complex (which includes – rice, millet, sorghum, job’s tears and black soybean). This will hydrate, smooth out and diminish dark circles. *Available at Wei Beauty

Charcoal Acne Scrub

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A blemish-busting dream of charcoal and salicylic acid will gently exfoliate and decongest pores to banish acne-causing bacteria.  *Available at Ulta

No.1 Brightening Facial Masks

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A facial mask is exactly what your skin needs on the morning of your wedding. Give your skin that natural glow with this natural, nutrient-rich mask that boosts radiance even tones. The mask is loaded with kaolin clay, vitamin C and apple extract. *Available at Beauty Counter

Manuka Latte Lipbalm

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Having dried lips in general isn’t pleasant, so imagine having them on your wedding day when you have to kiss your man.  This lip balm is your savior, it combines manuka honey, vitamin E and coffee butter to protect and moisturize your lips. *Available at OY-L 


We hope you take into consideration these pre-wedding skincare regimens so that your skin will feel and look radiant.



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The Perfect Beauty Looks For Brides

You want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, but you also want to look like you. Since there are so many beauty looks out there, finding one that suits your big day and your personality can be difficult. Here, we share with you The Perfect Beauty Looks For Brides that range from boho-chic to classic and timeless.

Boho-Chic Bride


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As a boho-chic bride, you want to look effortless. You’ll want to strive for a more natural look, with softer makeup look and simple hairstyle. A braid is very common with boho brides because of its simplicity. Also, leaving your hair down in soft waves is favorable. A half-up hairstyle is another favorite for boho brides, keeping your curls soft and pinned back. Where makeup is concerned, neutral earth tones for the eyes and lips with soft eyeliner is best. A peachy or light pink lip color will complete your whole look.

Rustic Bride

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If your more of a rustic bride, chances are your wedding will be outdoors. A lot of outside factors come into play, like the weather, so maintenance is key when choosing your overall look. A rustic bride is mostly similar to a boho-chic bride in the sense that your hair and makeup looks are toned down, effortless and simple. Stick with neutral makeup tones, soft curls or beachy waves and a lightly colored lip.



Classic Bride

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A classic brides beauty looks is – you guessed it – timeless. Think traditional, but with a modern and personal twist. You want a natural look that is chic and clean. Your makeup will be simple, a soft bronze contour and peachy cheek will give you that timeless glow. Paired with a taupe eyeshadow and ivory shimmer on your lid – it just screams traditional and timeless. For your hair, it can range from a classic up do to a low bun or lay straight with a hint of a wave. Adding a little hair accessory gives your hairstyle a nice boost too!

Romantic Bride

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With a romantic bride look, your hair and makeup will have a classic tone to it. but not without some added shine! Think soft waves and loose curls for the romantic bride look. For an up-do, its best to have your hair loose and curled but slightly unstructured. A bridal headband also makes for a perfect accessory. Sultry eyes and a pouty lip are perfect for the romantic bride. Darker shimmer colors on the eyes and a nice gloss should be the look you want to achieve.

Glam Bride

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A glam bride has a more dramatic makeup and hair look, but still beautiful for your big day. The makeup will be slightly heavier and your hair would require more effort and styling. Indoor weddings are a bonus for this type of wedding look as they offer the best atmosphere for longevity. You can achieve this look with short or long hair. Clean and sleek styles or very polished curls are your go-to when creating this glam look. A high up-do or low bun is also acceptable to achieve the look. The eyes are the main focus of this look, using false lashes that extend in the outer corners will give you a cat-eye appearance that will make your eyes appear larger – but still pretty. Another option is the smokey-eye style paired with a light or nude lip.