Different Ways To Serve Ice Cream At Your Wedding

The sound of an ice cream truck will always make your heart flutter, why not make one of your favorite treats a part of your special day? Creamy, delicious ice cream is a suitable nuptial dessert. It’s perfect for those warm, summer weddings or just as a wedding cake alternative. Since there are so many different ways to serve ice cream at your wedding, we found some ideas that you can think about using.


Mini Ice Cream Cones

These mini cones are perfect for you and your new husband to share on your big day. To make it even better, at your dessert bar make sure there is a spread full of the most delicious toppings.

Ice Cream Wedding Cake

If there is an option between regular cake and ice cream cake, you go for ice cream! The cake can still look traditional as seen in the above photo from Davey’s Ice Cream shop. Choose the decor, the flavors and style and your good to go.

Ice Cream Sundaes

Letting your guests serve themselves is probably the best thing you can do on your wedding day. Nobody likes waiting around for food. Have your own dessert bar that comes with all the ingredients for a delicious ice cream sundae your guests can snack on.

Ice Cream Cups

Have fancily dressed waiters make theri way around each table to hand out these drip-free pre-filled ice cream cups. Choose two flavors that your guests can choose from and they’ll be begging for more.

Ice Cream Cart

Have a waiter go around to each table with an old fashioned ice cream cart to serve your guests. It’ll be a fun and nostalgic touch for some of the older attendees at your wedding. And it’s just so darn cute and stylish!


Images & Ideas Credit To Martha Stewart Weddings

Wedding Traditions You Can Skip

Brides tend to follow the traditional rules when it comes to a wedding. They feel like they have to follow traditions and rules that don’t necessarily apply anymore. A bride now a days can choose anything she wants regarding her dress, veil, food, ceremony and reception style. Being a traditional couple is a good thing too, you don’t have to change anything if you don’t want to. Some brides like the idea of being different and having a unique wedding with over the top decorations or a funky dress. We came across wedding traditions you can skip for your big day.

Old-School Rule: Brides Must Wear A Long, White Gown

Wear whatever you want. Most brides go with the classic all white or ivory gown, but for your wedding day anything goes. A lot of brides have put their own spin on a wedding dress and some grooms have even added to their suits, just to be different. As long as you are comfortable, whose to say you can’t spice up your look.

Old-School Rule: You Have To Wear A Long White Veil.

You don’t have to wear a veil at all! You can break away from the standard headpiece and opt for a flower crown, a chic headband, or a pretty hair clip. You also have the option to wear nothing at all, and just show off your bridal hairstyle as is.

Old-School Rule: You Can Only Have Two Wedding Colors.

Your color palette can have as many or as few colors as you want. It’s best to keep in mind that whatever colors you do choose work and mix well together.

Old-School Rule: You Should Walk Down The Aisle to Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus.”

 This traditional bridal chorus is great and all, but it’s not the only option. You can have a live band play a slow version of your favorite song, or have a DJ play a somewhat upbeat tune.

Old-School Rule: The Ceremony Program Has To Be Formal.

Your program should include important information so that your guests are fully in tune to what’s going on. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun when it comes to the design. You can incorporate funky colors, a crossword puzzle game that includes words having to do with your wedding. The options are endless and your guests will love having something to do before the ceremony starts.

Old-School Rule: You Can’t See Each Other Before The Ceremony.

A lot of brides and grooms have said goodbye to this classic tradition. There is no reason why you and your soon to be husband can;t see each other before walking down the aisle. Seeing one another before everything starts can also help with pre-wedding jitters.

Old-School Rule: You Should Make Your Exit in a Shower of Rice.

Guests usually throw rice but now a days guests have been throwing and doing all sorts of things. From colorful confetti, to waving ribbons, or ringing small bells. You can even go as far to create a “toss bar.” On a table, set out a bowl of confetti, glitter, herbs (like lavender) for guests to shower you with as you make your final walk.

Old-School Rule: Your Bridesmaids Should Wear Matching Dresses.

This old tradition has been broken for a long time. It’s nice to let your girls’ individual personalities shine by having them wear a dress that suits their own taste and figure. The trick is going to be pulling off the mismatched look so that you have one cohesive element throughout each dress – like the fabric, color or length.

Old-School Rule: You Should Exchange Traditional Vows.

The traditional way to get married is in a church by a priest and have a traditional ceremony. If you’re more of a free bird who doesn’t follow the traditional rules, pick a venue that is meaningful to both of you. It can be anywhere: a park, a banquet hall, a country club, a backyard or in a tropical destination. If you’re willing to go this route, check with your officiant ahead of time to make sure they’re comfortable with marrying you outside of a religious space.

Old-School Rule: Wedding Ceremonies Take Place in Religious Institutions.

Even though there is nothing wrong with sticking to the original vows, speaking from your heart and saying how you truly feel is simply amazing. In the moment you get to express all your love for this person and it turns out to be the most authentic version of your feelings. There is no better feeling than that!


For all you upcoming brides, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone when it comes to planning one of the biggest days of your life. It’s okay to not follow most traditions, your day will still be just as special!

Images & Rules Credit to The Knot

Wedding Cake And Dessert Inspiration

Wedding cakes have always been more than just a dessert. Cakes have an origin in various traditions as a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Now it often serves as a sweet expression of the newlywed couple’s gratitude and personality. A classic white cake has taken on various new forms. Some have been decorated with flowers, fruit and painterly creations designed to look like abstract watercolor art. A lot of couples choose to diversify their after dinner offerings. A dessert bar is a perfect way to accommodate multiple flavors and tastes. Keep in mind that dessert displays can get overwhelming, so keeping one element constant throughout will maintain a cohesive balance. Below, we’re sharing wedding cake and dessert inspiration that will leave you wanting to try and have each one!


Sugar Flowers Wedding Cake

You can’t go wrong with pretty florals on a cake. This is taking a boring and drab look to a stylish and classic look.

Berry Layer Wedding Dessert

Adding some fresh berries or fruit to your dessert gives it the stylish kick it needs.

 Wedding Cake Dessert Bar

A dessert bar with cake and sweets is just what your wedding reception needs.

Wedding Ice Cream Dessert

We can’t say no to ice cream and you shouldn’t either when it comes to your dessert menu.

Dessert Table Pies

Pies are a delicious alternative to the usual cupcakes, muffins, cookies and more you usually see on a dessert table.

Fondant-Covered Cake Squares

Instead of you and your bridal party only getting a piece of the cake, these fondant-covered cake squares are perfect to share with all of your guests. Now they can get a taste of the cake!

Gold-Foil Wedding Cake

Gold is timeless and classic, why not incorporate it into your wedding cake. The gold foil definitely adds that vintage touch for the old-school bride.


Whatever kind of dessert you choose, your last course doesn’t have to be an afterthought. As a form of art, it can express something important to you and your spouse, that could be your unique heritage, your creative sensibility or your ideal of confectionery perfection.

Image & Inspiration Credit to Once Wed


Eight Secrets To A Fun Wedding Reception

Sure, the ceremony is the most important part of the day but the reception is what your guests are most looking forward to. Make the reception celebration memorable and personal, and make sure to plan a night your guests won’t forget. Continue reading to find out the top eight secrets to a fun wedding reception!

Arrange Seating Assignments Thoughtfully

It’s very obvious but it belongs on this list: Seat your guests with people they know and get along with. A well-thought out seating chart is crucial because it keeps everyone in order and it keeps your family and friends happy. You wouldn’t want to put people who don’t know each other or get along at the same table.

Give Out Party Favors

Don’t forget, you’re reception is a party! Be sure to let your guests know that it’s okay to let loose after a formal ceremony by handing out fun wedding favors. Some favorites are funky masks, silly sunglasses, hats etc.

Keep The Toasts Short (Prep The Toasters)

As wonderful and meaningful as a toast can be, it’s all about quality over quantity. Whoever is speaking, advise them beforehand to keep their speeches to two minutes max. Long stories and inside jokes are just a no no when it comes to speeches.

Have A Game Plan For Kids

Have an area specifically for the kids to keep them entertained throughout the night. This will allow their parents to have some fun and hit the dance floor. In a separate room, arrange for a babysitter who can set up a movie for them to watch and an area to play games. You can even designate a kids table and pack it with coloring books, crayons etc. to keep them busy.

Jazz Up Your First Dance

All eyes are on your during the fist dance, which gives you the perfect opportunity to shock your guests. Stay with us, imagine starting a slow dance and then suddenly switching it up to a fast and upbeat song. It’ll throw your guests off but also start a fun dance party for everyone to join in.

Plan An Interactive Food Station

Great food makes for a great celebration, but when you can customize food so everyone can get what they like is even better. For example, a mac and cheese station, pasta bar or grilled cheese station where people can choose what kind of sauce or toppings they want will leave you with happy, well-fed guests ready for a good time.

Change Into Something Comfortable

Let’s be honest: You won’t have a good time at your own reception if you’re struggling to breathe. After the first dance, swap your veil and train for a little white dress and comfy shoes. If you have a dress that is too poofy and over the top, changing into something more comfortable and flowy will allow you to move more and breathe better. You can dance the night away feeling happier and less trapped in your dress.

Add A Lounge To Your Reception

If it’s possible, create a lounging area in your reception space. Why? People get tired and antsy. Instead of having your guests sit around the tables all night, a change of scenery will allow for more conversation and keep non dancing guests entertained. Look into renting or borrowing couches, chairs and any other pieces of furniture that you can stage nicely with colorful pillows, votive candles etc.


Images Credit To The Knot


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Things To Know About Writing Your Wedding Vows

It’s very easy to understand why many couples choose to write their own wedding vows. It’s a special way to tell your significant other and everyone else how you truly feel. Most people aren’t born poets, so it won’t come easy to most people. If you find yourself with a case of writers block, not to worry. We found nine things to know about writing your wedding vows that are sure to help you every step of the way.


Get Started One Month Before Your Wedding

By this time all your wedding planning and decision-making will be almost finished. This leaves you plenty of time to focus your time and energy on the day’s emotion. The sentiment is what matters most, try not to worry too much about the writing itself.

Begin Separately

It’s better to set some alone time for yourself to write your vows before you share them with your fiance. You don’t want to influence each other and say the same thing. It should be personal for both of you.

Ask Yourself Questions

What is your love story? What do you admire about your partner? What are your hopes for the future? Why are you spending the rest of your life with this person? What do you love most about him/her? Take your time when answering these questions, so they easily translate into vows.

Look To Literature

Once you’ve gathered your own thoughts and feelings, try looking into romantic books and other literature for some inspiration.

Make Promises

 What are you saying yes to? Focus on what the idea of marriage means to you. Think of all the good times in your relationship, but it doesn’t hurt to consider the hard time either.

Turn To Tradition

If you’re stuck on a couple of parts, try looking to classic wedding vows to incorporate into your own. For example, you might want to change “till death do us part” to “as long as we both shall live.”

Don’t Worry About Being Funny

Reciting your vows is special, it’s a promise of love and commitment – not an open-mic night at a comedy club. Don’t try and force being funny, let it happen naturally. Just focus on keeping it positive, upbeat and celebratory.

Mention The Rings

Make sure you write a line that signals the officiant and best man that its time to do the rings. “Ring vows” are short, they are no more than one or two sentences. Almost every couple uses “with this ring, I thee wed,” while other couples who are less traditional choose other messages like “with this ring in our hand, like our lives are joined forever.”

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice essentially makes perfect right? Preparing for your vows is very important, it’s like in high school when you had to rehearse a presentation over and over again.  Print out a copy in a reasonable size and typeface that is easy to read in case you need a reminder. Make a copy for the officiant, best man and maid of honor as a backup – you never know what could happen. You can ask your officiant to read your vows out loud line by line for you to repeat.


Image Credit & Tips To Martha Stewart Weddings


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Classic First Dance Songs

The first dance at a wedding is one of the major highlights of the night. You and your husband get to dance to a romantic song and just enjoy the moment. From tried and true oldies, to the more modern hits of today this classic first dance songs list will have you swaying to the most beautiful lyrics and melodies.

Hawaii wedding first dance
via Inside Weddings

First Dance Songs

Amazed – Lonestar

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You – Elvis Presley

Everything – Michael Buble

How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) – James Taylor

In My Life – The Beatles

I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

Stand By Me – Ben. E. King

That’s How Strong My Love Is – Otis Redding

The Best Is Yet To Come – Frank Sinatra

Then – Brad Paisley

Your Song – Elton John

As – Stevie Wonder

As Time Goes By – Dooly Wilson

At Last – Etta James

Better Together – Jack Johnson

Crazy Love – Van Morrison

Grow Old With Me – Mary Chapin Carpenter

Just The Way You Are – Billy Joel

By Your Side – Sade

Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You – Frankie Valli or Lauryn Hill

Come Rain Or Come Shine – Ray Charles

First Day Of My Life – Bright Eyes

Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra

Here And Now – Luther Vandross

I Will – The Beatles

I Only Have Eyes For Your – The Flamingos

La Vie En Rose – Louis Armstrong

Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

L-O-V-E – Nat King Cole

Lucky – Colbie Caillat & Jason Mraz

Marry Me – Train

Our Love Is Here To Stay – Billie Holiday

Maybe I’m Amazed – Paul McCartney


Tell your  DJ or band to play one of these songs and your first dance will be one to remember forever. These songs will allow you and your partner to connect on the dance floor,  and everyone gets to witness your love in a unique way!

*Song List Credit To The Knot

Wedding Color And Style Mistakes Not To Make

When it comes to colors and matching the right ones, it can get pretty tricky. Choosing the right colors that go well together is very important for your wedding day. Just because you gave two favorite colors, doesn’t mean they will go well together. We rounded up a bunch of wedding color and style mistakes not to make for your special day.

Mistake 1: Using Too Many Colors








The Fix: Keep It Simple

With a few exceptions (see the next fix), you should pick two to four colors that go well together and stick to them. When you use the same colors throughout your wedding decor it will help create a cohesive flow, so that everything belongs. Sticking with you few palette of colors will also keep elements like your centerpieces from looking to messy.

Mistake 2: Limiting Yourself To Only Two Distinct Colors








The Fix: Break Rule #1 (Wisely)

We know we just explained mistake #1 but this can be a big mistake too. Especially for the eccentric and unique brides out there. Many weddings have a variety of colors that work well together. One way to pull this off for example, is a summery palette of colors that are inspired by the warm season.

Mistake 3: Choosing Trendy Colors








The Fix: Skip Fads

It’s easy for brides to get carried away with wedding inspiration that they see on Pinterest, bridal magazines and more. Just because you love a fresh idea on paper or online, doesn’t mean it will necessarily be the right choice for your wedding. You should be happy with whatever color palette you choose, seeing as how your wedding will be documented forever. If you’re stuck on a color trend then try using it on a certain element or aspect of your wedding – don’t make it the main event.

Mistake 4: Using The Wrong Color Ratio








The Fix: Balance Brights

If you have two dominant colors in your palette, it doesn’t mean you should use them equally. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not considering the eye’s need for rest and calm. Before you plan any further, decide which hue will take center stage – this will essentially affect your choice in linens and lighting. Balancing your colors is key to making even the most crazy combinations Thoughtfully balancing your colors is the key to making even the most crazy combinations look chic and sophisticated.

Mistake 5: Choosing Predictable Colors








The Fix: Take (a little) Risk

Certain color combinations come with obvious connotations. Some colors just match better with others, but why be so strict and matchy matchy.  The trick to this is switching up one shade to downplay the resemblance. Instead of a standard red, try a lighter or darker shade of red paired with a blue or green. Add elegance to your decor by using colors only switching a couple and using different shades.


Mistake 6: Ignoring Texture








The Fix: Broaden your Definition of Matching

Some colors may not go well together is the textures are different. When you mix textures in the same hue it can add more depth to your wedding than simply combining multiple colors. Using patterns like stripes or florals can help break up the bold colors, so a hue like bright yellow or black won’t overwhelm your table.


Mistake 7: Not Coordinating Your Paper Elements








The Fix: Include Your Colors In The Invitations 

Your invitations sets the stage for your wedding. Coordinating the colors of your invitations to your wedding is very important and easy if you already know what color theme you want to go with. Also, don’t sacrifice readability for style. Your type should contrast with your paper, so balance brighter shades with neutrals and always avoid light color fonts.

*Image Credit to The Knot



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Glitter Ice Cubes

For all of the glitter loving gals out there – this sparkly idea is just for you. If you ever need to chill your wine for any bridal event or your wedding, you absolutely have to make these glitter ice cubes for the ice bucket. They’re definitely not edible cubes and can get messy – but it’s all worth it.



via Something Turquoise

Clear Ice Bucket

Distilled Water

Chunky Glitter

Ice Cube Trays

Glitter + Water

via Something Turquoise

Add your chunky glitter into each ice cube tray and then fill it with water about 1/4″ below the top. When water freezes it tends to expand, so make sure you don’t overfill!

CRAFTING TIP: Using distilled water is better because it will help you get an ice cube that is much more clear.


via Something Turquoise

Next, just let the cubes freeze. Place them side by side and wait about an hour until they’re ready.

Glitter + Sparkly

via Something Turquoise

These are a mess, a gorgeous glittery mess. Crack them out of the ice cube trays and store them in freezer bags until the day of your event.


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Creative Menu Ideas

There is so much more to wedding food than your average chicken and potatoes. Thinking outside the box – you can take regular food or dessert, and turn it into something fresh and new. From classy carnival food to a donut bar, spice up your reception with these fun and creative menu ideas.


Popsicle Cocktails

via The Knot

If you’re having an outdoor wedding in the middle of summer, there’s nothing more refreshing than ice cold popsicles. Picture the gourmet version, with flavors like lavender and orange crème. Sounds delicious right? Ask your caterer or whoever is providing the food, to imprint you and your partners initials to make them extra special.

Make-Your-Own-Food Bars

via The Knot

To make it a more casual affair, let your guests be the chef. Put together an assortment of delicious finger foods that your guests can get anytime they want throughout the evening. Give your guests the option to customize their food with extras that are easy to grab and go.

Classy Carnival Food

via The Knot

We’re talking about the good stuff – cotton candy, cracker jacks, funnel cakes and anything else you might find at a carnival – all dressed up on a display table. You can even complete the carnival theme with a popcorn bar for a late night snack and a fresh funnel cake cart. Sounds delish!

A Donut Bar 

via The Knot

Two words: Yes please! If you’re not the traditional bride and groom, you can still have a “cake cutting” even if you’re slicing through a delicious stack of donuts. You can choose to serve any kind you like, from retro classics like cream and jelly filled or some new flavors like white chocolate and almond.

Dressed-Up Comfort Food

via The Knot

Having comfort food at a wedding has been popular for years now. Currently, it’s all about the presentation and how things look. For example, if your a french fries and burgers kind of girl try wrapping the french fries in monogrammed paper. Or take mini burger sliders and wrap them in napkins with your new last name on it. Either way, comfort food is always a favorite, no matter how its wrapped.

We hope you get inspired by these unique ideas for your wedding or pass on these ideas to a friend for theirs. We’re positive your guests will enjoy them too!





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Wedding Chair Covers

Looking to add a personal touch to your reception decor? One of our favorite, simple solutions is adding a chic cover to your rental chairs. These days, chair covers come in all sorts of elegant styles, fabrics and sizes.  From long and airy to short and sweet. For your own reception seating, here are some of the most chic wedding chair covers we’ve found to ensure your wedding guests have the best seat in the house.


Linen Chair Covers

via Brides

These simple yet elegant chair covers are draped over Chiavari chairs and they feature subtle button details behind the cushion. The soft, taupe hue adds warmth to an  all-white reception tablescape.

Full Length Lace Chair Covers

via Brides

These Chiavari chairs are a popular reception-chair choice, which means you can make yours stand out by adding these pretty, lace slipcovers. The floral pattern and sheer fabric will help give your open-air reception a romantic feel.

Floor Length Chiavari Chair Covers

via Brides

These scarf-like chair covers are woven through the chair and cascade down to the floor. The creamy-white chair embellishments balance the dark color of the chairs and add softness to the overall reception look. If your theme is neutral/white, these covers are perfect.

Lace Slipcovers

via Brides

These dainty, lacy slip covers are simple and stunning. They slip right over the tops of the reception chairs and add the perfect amount of charm and romance to your tablescape.

Mid-Length Chair Covers

via Brides

Maybe your venue provides complimentary chairs but you don’t particularly like how the chair-back looks. You can easily cover them up with these pretty mid-length chair slips; this neutral, rosy-taupe color would complement a wide array of wedding palettes.




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