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With wedding planning a prepared bride is a happy bride. With a dedicated planner and bridesmaids by your side, knowing that you’ve got everything in your own bag can be enough to ease some pre-wedding jitters. A stocked emergency kit is a must-have for any bridal suite, you never know when a mishap will happen. For the bride personally, it’s best to have some items on hand in case anything happens that needs a quick fix. These wedding bag essentials will fit right into your small clutch just in case you need that last minute touch up.

Bobby Pins

Once getting your hair done is complete, ask your stylist for a few extra bobby pins that match your hair color. If any loose strands come undone, you’ll have extra in your bag that you can quickly take out and fix. The last thing you need is your hair falling in your face while you’re trying to dance the night away.

Safety Pins

These are essential to have, especially if you’ve got bustle problems. Those perfectly placed buttons on your dress or train can easily break loose if someone accidentally steps on it or you move the wrong way. It’s best to keep some safety pins handy in your bag for any of these mishaps.


This may sound funny and not at all helpful but q-tips are better to have than a tissue. You might end up crying on your wedding day, instead of using a tissue and making a mess this is where q-tips come in. It;s easier to dab your smudged makeup with a q-tip than a tissue. Q-tips also come in handy for cleaning the edges around your lipstick.


You may be one to always have gum on you, but your wedding day isn’t one of those days to pop one of those in your mouth. A mint is the best choice for your big day. You let it dissolve nicely or you can chew it and you won;t have to worry about finding a place to spit it out as you head down the aisle.

Double-Stick Tape

Wardrobe malfunctions are the worst, especially on the most important day of your life. If your dress has a revealing or plunging neckline, make sure you bring some extra double-stick tape in case you have a little “slip.” If you’re wearing a strapless dress with a corset or strapless bra underneath, the double-stick tape will help to keep everything in place.

Mini Makeup

Why lug around a full makeup bag when you can easily slip a few items in your bag. A mini makeup kit is perfect to have, some kits include mini eyeliners, pencils, lipstick and glosses, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow and much more.

A malfunction of any kind can happen at any point in the day or evening and it’s always best to be the most prepared. Take our advice and get yourself all the wedding essentials you need, its better to be safe than sorry!

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