Eight Secrets To A Fun Wedding Reception

Sure, the ceremony is the most important part of the day but the reception is what your guests are most looking forward to. Make the reception celebration memorable and personal, and make sure to plan a night your guests won’t forget. Continue reading to find out the top eight secrets to a fun wedding reception!

Arrange Seating Assignments Thoughtfully

It’s very obvious but it belongs on this list: Seat your guests with people they know and get along with. A well-thought out seating chart is crucial because it keeps everyone in order and it keeps your family and friends happy. You wouldn’t want to put people who don’t know each other or get along at the same table.

Give Out Party Favors

Don’t forget, you’re reception is a party! Be sure to let your guests know that it’s okay to let loose after a formal ceremony by handing out fun wedding favors. Some favorites are funky masks, silly sunglasses, hats etc.

Keep The Toasts Short (Prep The Toasters)

As wonderful and meaningful as a toast can be, it’s all about quality over quantity. Whoever is speaking, advise them beforehand to keep their speeches to two minutes max. Long stories and inside jokes are just a no no when it comes to speeches.

Have A Game Plan For Kids

Have an area specifically for the kids to keep them entertained throughout the night. This will allow their parents to have some fun and hit the dance floor. In a separate room, arrange for a babysitter who can set up a movie for them to watch and an area to play games. You can even designate a kids table and pack it with coloring books, crayons etc. to keep them busy.

Jazz Up Your First Dance

All eyes are on your during the fist dance, which gives you the perfect opportunity to shock your guests. Stay with us, imagine starting a slow dance and then suddenly switching it up to a fast and upbeat song. It’ll throw your guests off but also start a fun dance party for everyone to join in.

Plan An Interactive Food Station

Great food makes for a great celebration, but when you can customize food so everyone can get what they like is even better. For example, a mac and cheese station, pasta bar or grilled cheese station where people can choose what kind of sauce or toppings they want will leave you with happy, well-fed guests ready for a good time.

Change Into Something Comfortable

Let’s be honest: You won’t have a good time at your own reception if you’re struggling to breathe. After the first dance, swap your veil and train for a little white dress and comfy shoes. If you have a dress that is too poofy and over the top, changing into something more comfortable and flowy will allow you to move more and breathe better. You can dance the night away feeling happier and less trapped in your dress.

Add A Lounge To Your Reception

If it’s possible, create a lounging area in your reception space. Why? People get tired and antsy. Instead of having your guests sit around the tables all night, a change of scenery will allow for more conversation and keep non dancing guests entertained. Look into renting or borrowing couches, chairs and any other pieces of furniture that you can stage nicely with colorful pillows, votive candles etc.


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