Unique Bachelorette Party Spots Around The World

Looking for someplace different to celebrate your bachelorette party? Look no further than these unique bachelorette party spots around the world. There are a ton of fantastic places to visit that are the perfect setting for your fun getaway. Whether you’re looking for a fun retreat, an ultra-relaxing vacation spot or a party weekend close to home, we got you covered.


Vail Collective Retreat, Colorado 

The Vail Collective Retreat is a great spot for a long weekend of celebrating. Just 20 miles outside of Vail, getting into town is easy but you can just as easily hideaway and spend the weekend hiking, exploring, and laughing under the moonlight.  A perfect sounding weekend to us!

Zuma Sanctuary, California

This seaside campsite in Malibu is just what you and your girl squad need. Celebrate under the swaying palm trees while the sun sets over the Pacific. California nights are waiting for you!

Acre Hotel, Mexico

The Acre Hotel has this amazing treehouse you and the ladies can stay in for the weekend and a restaurant with delicious food. You can walk around the orchards for a midnight stroll and bring along the mezcal while you gaze up at the stars above. Who wouldn’t want a night like this? We certainly would!

The Raleigh, Florida

For a more traditional bachelorette party weekend, this iconic South Beach hotel has everything you’re looking for. With a selection of clubs nearby, tons of amazing restaurants, a private white sandy beach, chic art decor rooms, and adorable pool cabanas, there is no question this is the pace you want to be.

Yellowstone Collective Retreat, Montana

These luxurious campsites are tucked away in one of the most gorgeous landscapes ever. For a more laid back bachelorette, this place gives you and the girls a chance to decompress and enjoy each other’s company over some delicious food and good wine.

Four Seasons Resort Bali At Sayan, Indonesia

To really make the most of a bachelorette getaway, try this beautiful balinese jungle retreat. Perched high in the trees, this luxury retreat is perfect for you and your ladies. Lush surroundings, fresh foods, and plenty of adventure awaits you for what will most likely be one of the best trips of a lifetime!


Don’t be so traditional when it comes to planning a bachelorette party. It’s okay to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Each one of these places will definitely serve up a fun and exciting time for you and your girls.

Image Credit To Martha Stewart Weddings

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