Brushstroke Wedding Cakes

When it comes to your wedding cake, the designing and flavor options are endless. A popular staple for wedding cakes has been the watercolor style. We now found a new trend that is up and coming quickly – brushstroke wedding cakes.  The overall look is part impressionism and part designer’s color palette. These cakes combine smatterings of broad sweeps and dabs of saturated color. Need some inspiration? Check out some that we found below that will take your dessert to the next level.


Painterly Pinks & Blues

To capture a soft and romantic look, have the tiers painted a soft pastel shade. Pretty pinks and navy blues featured in the above image are a match made in heaven. Go for an imperfect look, so you can see where the brush stopped and started. Adding a single flower will just complete this already artful look.

Chocolate Brushstrokes

Create this striking and edgy look for you wedding cake with the help of the Moscow-based bakery Kalabasa. This Russian bakery is known for doing crazy-cool things with colorful brushstrokes made from chocolate – yum! To create this look, the cake designers melted modeling chocolate until it was soft enough to spread. Then they used a pastry brush to swipe it onto parchment paper. Once the edible brushstrokes hardened, they were carefully placed on cake tiers.

Handpainted Brushstrokes

Handpainted brushstrokes convey an artistic and playful vibe. This is perfect if you’re hosting a colorful and whimsical wedding reception.

Different Strokes

If you want to go with a bright and modern look, opt for a single tier that’s decorated in painterly brushstrokes. Pair it with vibrant wafer-paper flowers to finish off the design.


Blue & Gold

The combination of blue and metallic gold is everything! The contrast between the two colors give off a rustic vibe that is perfect for the bohemian style wedding.


Image Credit to Brides

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