Things To Know About Writing Your Wedding Vows

It’s very easy to understand why many couples choose to write their own wedding vows. It’s a special way to tell your significant other and everyone else how you truly feel. Most people aren’t born poets, so it won’t come easy to most people. If you find yourself with a case of writers block, not to worry. We found nine things to know about writing your wedding vows that are sure to help you every step of the way.


Get Started One Month Before Your Wedding

By this time all your wedding planning and decision-making will be almost finished. This leaves you plenty of time to focus your time and energy on the day’s emotion. The sentiment is what matters most, try not to worry too much about the writing itself.

Begin Separately

It’s better to set some alone time for yourself to write your vows before you share them with your fiance. You don’t want to influence each other and say the same thing. It should be personal for both of you.

Ask Yourself Questions

What is your love story? What do you admire about your partner? What are your hopes for the future? Why are you spending the rest of your life with this person? What do you love most about him/her? Take your time when answering these questions, so they easily translate into vows.

Look To Literature

Once you’ve gathered your own thoughts and feelings, try looking into romantic books and other literature for some inspiration.

Make Promises

 What are you saying yes to? Focus on what the idea of marriage means to you. Think of all the good times in your relationship, but it doesn’t hurt to consider the hard time either.

Turn To Tradition

If you’re stuck on a couple of parts, try looking to classic wedding vows to incorporate into your own. For example, you might want to change “till death do us part” to “as long as we both shall live.”

Don’t Worry About Being Funny

Reciting your vows is special, it’s a promise of love and commitment – not an open-mic night at a comedy club. Don’t try and force being funny, let it happen naturally. Just focus on keeping it positive, upbeat and celebratory.

Mention The Rings

Make sure you write a line that signals the officiant and best man that its time to do the rings. “Ring vows” are short, they are no more than one or two sentences. Almost every couple uses “with this ring, I thee wed,” while other couples who are less traditional choose other messages like “with this ring in our hand, like our lives are joined forever.”

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice essentially makes perfect right? Preparing for your vows is very important, it’s like in high school when you had to rehearse a presentation over and over again.  Print out a copy in a reasonable size and typeface that is easy to read in case you need a reminder. Make a copy for the officiant, best man and maid of honor as a backup – you never know what could happen. You can ask your officiant to read your vows out loud line by line for you to repeat.


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