How To Do The Long Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

When it comes to your wedding, your hairstyle is kind of a big deal. It’s very important how you want to wear your hair as there are so many different styles. Up, down, ponytail, waves, straight, curly, bun, braids – the list goes on. It’s best to choose a hairstyle that is easy and won’t constantly be in your face. Trust us you’ll want to show off your beautiful makeup too. It’s better to choose a style that you can easily keep together for the whole day and night. Most brides have a hard time keeping their hair put together for the whole day, due to the hustle and bustle that is being the bride. In six easy steps, we teach you how to do the long fishtail braid hairstyle that is both elegant yet sophisticated.

The Fishtail Braid How To


1. Start with loose curls and natural texture for a more messier braid, or brush your hair out first for a smoother look.

2. Then, you will create a deep side part and pull all your hair over to one side.

3. Piece your hair into two ponytails, and take a piece from the first side and pass it to the second side.

4. Next, take a piece from the second side and pass it back to the first side. 

5. Continue taking even sections of your hair until the braid is finished and wrap it with a clear elastic.

6. Gently, pull on the pieces of the braid to loosen it to your desired size.

Tip: To get a more textured braid, it’s best to do the braid when your hair hasn’t been washed in one-two days. 


 *Image Credit & Tutorial to Once Wed

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