What Not To Say In A Thank You Card

A lot of etiquette rules have disappeared in recent years, but those having to do  with thank you notes have remained rigid – no emailing, no not sending and no one-size-fits-all sentiments. It’s still easy to make a mistake in the thank you card itself. To help you avoid these problems, we found six common mistakes that newlyweds (yes, the groom should help!) often make when writing their cards. Before you grab your pen and card, read on for advice on what not to say in a thank you card.

The Dollar Amount of the Gift

Since the person who gave you the gift knows how much he/she gave you, there is no need to reference it in your note. Let’s not act like an accountant! Say “Thank you for the gift..” then explain what you’ll do with it, for example putting the money towards your honeymoon or furniture for your new place.

That You Already Have One

This is tough, because you don’t want to make your guest feel bad yet you don’t want to lie either. Keep your note simple, for example if the gift was a salad bowl you could say “Thank you for the lovely salad bowl – it will come in handy during those summer BBQs and parties.” Even if you don’t plan on keeping it, just make sure if they ever come over you have it on hand!

That It’s “Interesting”

This is basically a some-what nice way of saying “I hate your gift and can’t think of anything nice to say about it.” Even if you don’t like it, try staying away from the word interesting. Unless you have a registry you risk getting an out of this world gift that you don’t want or need. Even so, no matter what you receive try your best to pick out a feature of the gift to compliment.

The Same Thing Your Saying In Every Other Thank You Card

This is so important because you don’t want to start sounding repetitive. If some of your guests know each other, they can compare notes and know you got lazy. Try to make each one unique to the person who gave you gift and make it unique to the gift itself. If five people got you cookware, find five things you can say about cookware that are different. The key is being creative with how you say certain things.

That You Didn’t Receive Their Gift Yet

Don’t even mention this in the card, it’s a big no-no. Make notes like this simple and appreciative. Thank them for coming to your wedding and how much it meant to you and your husband. Some people (even though its rare now) follow that assumption where they have a year to buy you a gift.

That You’d Like To Return It For Something Similar

This is just absolutely wrong. You should never say you want to return a gift to a person’s face or in a thank you card. For example, if you have a king size bed and they got you queen size sheets, don’t mention the size in your note. Simply thank them for the gift, for coming to wedding and just quietly return the sheets for the right size. No one will know the difference because they won’t ever see them.

Thank You Card Tips via Martha Stewart Weddings



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