How To Avoid Wedding Day Disasters

This is something no couple wants to think about, but it has been a reality for some in the past. No one knows how or when a disaster can strike, especially on a wedding day with a lot going on. Perhaps the weather was unfavorable, a groomsmen had one too many drinks, or your DJ showed up late. Any of these could happen and much more, so it’s always best you be prepared. We found some very helpful tips on how to avoid wedding day disasters that could lead to a day you wish you didn’t remember.

Don’t Hire Friends & Family

If your sister-in-law is a makeup artist and your aunt is a party planner, that doesn’t mean you automatically hire them – you could be asking for trouble. It’s better to leave all your wedding details to the professionals that can work well under pressure. It is alright to politely decline the help of people you know.

Make Some Calls

It is 100% okay to check up on some of the vendors a few days before your wedding day. Making sure everything is set and arriving on time is a big part of everything running smoothly. In case something goes wrong, they should have the number of a close family member or friend so you are stress-free.

Always Have A Back Up Plan

This is very important. If you plan on having an outdoor wedding or reception, make sure you have a back up plan in place in case of inclement weather. You should never rely on the weather co-operating all the time. In case Mother Nature has her way, it’s best to have another space on hold – even though this may mean spending a little more money.

Invest In Wedding Insurance

Purchasing wedding insurance isn’t that expensive; you’ll spend anywhere between $100-$500 for the event. If you’re having a destination wedding and an unexpected hurricane hits, you will not be out of money if you have insurance. Not many people think this through and its better to be safe than sorry.

Make A Checklist

A checklist is vital in wedding planning. It keeps you organized and helps you make sure everything goes according to plan. Having a checklist of things to do or people to contact will benefit you in a big way. Your wedding planner (if you have one) would be on top of these things already, but there is no problem with having your own checklist of things to do!

Put Ones You Trust In Charge

It’s your wedding day, you shouldn’t be taking care of anyone or anything. Assign some trusted friends or family on ‘damage control’ duties if anything happens. Doing this will allow you more time to relax and truly enjoy your day instead of stressing over things.

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