Cookie Wedding Favors

Cookie wedding favors will always be one of the biggest crowd-pleasers out there. Let’s be honest, do you know anyone who doesn’t love cookies? We don’t either. Below , we’re sharing with you some of our favorites that we came across and just had to share. Maybe you’ll get inspired to try these out for your own wedding!


White Macaroons 

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Give your guests a sweet send-off by packaging white macaroon cookies in a cellophane bag. For an added touch, finish it off with a heart sticker.  Not only will they last longer, but they are just so darn delicious!

Marshmallow Cookie Sandwiches

via Martha Stewart Weddings

How delicious and adorable do these mini marshmallow cookie sandwiches look?! These treats from  Malvi Mallow come in 5 flavors, including vanilla salted caramel and raspberry hibiscus. You can even personalize each favor with a label – with a sweet message or image.

Monogrammed Cookies

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Monogrammed wedding favors are another timeless classic. Stack iced cookies back to back, then wrap in cellophane and tie the ends with a pretty ribbon. These monograms can also be done by cutting dough into letters or twisting ropes of it into shapes. An initial can be made in contrasting dough or piped onto still-wet icing.

Sweet Stamps

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Add a unique design to iced sugar cookies using ordinary rubber stamps. The ink in the image above is liquid food coloring – so they’re edible for people to eat! Choose a couple of designs so they’re not all the same.

Miniature Cookie Jars

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Now, it’s only natural to give cookies in a jar – this one may be tiny in size but it’s big with its old fashioned charm. Inside the jar, you can get store-bought cookies of your choice. Some yummy cookies you can give are chocolate chip, oatmeal, oreo, macaroons etc.

Trust us, you can never go wrong with giving cookies as a wedding favor. They’re a classic and any flavor you choose is a good one!


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