Styling An Easter Wedding

If you’re wedding happens to land on a day leading up to Easter, than your in luck. Styling an Easter wedding sounds easy enough, what with the beautiful scenery, fresh blooms and who could forget about pastels. The symbolic nature of springtime and Easter is of rebirth and new beginnings. This echoes the idea of a couple starting their married lives together.


Wedding Venue

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The location sets the tone for everything. To start off your Easter theme, choose a venue that replicates the image above – a country-club like place. Beautiful greenery, blooms and a vintage style building.

Color Theme

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It’s pretty obvious that Easter conjures up a vision of pretty pastels for you to play with. Pastel shades against white always look fantastic whether you pick one or a mix of them all. Your decor will definitely stand out with pastels as your color theme.


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When it comes to decorating, your options are endless. As seen in the first image, bright flowers and pastel colored plates and cutlery are a must. As far as choosing bridesmaid dresses, opt for light colors like yellow, lavender or pink.


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Popular spring flowers include daffodils, lilies, hydrangeas, tulips and many more. Going on the theme of pastel, choose colors that pair well together. For instance, as seen in the image above yellows, soft pinks and whites go together beautifully.


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As a way to say thank you to your guests, provide little buckets and chocolate Easter eggs on the table when they make their way out. They can snack on them right then and there or save them as a keepsake.


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Okay, you’ve nailed the decorations, the favors, the flowers, the venue and the color theme – but what about the cake? Creating a cake for an Easter themed wedding can be fun. As seen in the image above, you can try going for a bunny look, adding some pastel colored frosting, and of course have flowers all around.

We hope you get inspired to create an Easter themed wedding. Even if you’re getting married a week or a month after Easter, you can still use the theme or take inspiration from certain aspects of it for your big day – we would take the pastel colors!


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