Flower Girl Hairstyles

A flower girl is most likely the cutest part of a wedding. She’ll have her moment walking down the isle and is dressed to perfection from head to toe. She will be even more excited to perform her wedding-party duties when she looks as good as she feels. Try these flower girl hairstyles by Cozy Friedmann, the founder of Cozy’s Cuts For Kids in New York City!

Flipped Ponytail 

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This is a simple, yet chic hair-do. Make a low ponytail using a clear elastic, then flip it over the elastic a few times to twist hair.

Single Twist Side-swept Hairstyle

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The easier the hairstyle, the better. Try a wavy texture by blow-drying strands with a diffuser, pinning them off the face, and adding a floral accent.

Twisted Bun Up-Do

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This style is perfect for an adult, but for kids it’s even better. Split a high pony tail into two sections, twist them together into a relaxed bun, and add a faux bloom to make it extra pretty.

Braided Half-Up-Half-Down Hairstyle

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A simple yet elegant look, one up and the rest down is a classic. Take two sections of her hair at the part, braid one to the right and one to the left until they meet. Crisscross them into one plait and pin. You can even use a flower pin or some sort of accessory that matches her dress or wedding theme.



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