Bridal Shower Dessert Bar

A bridal shower is a beautiful event. You’re showering a bride with gifts, love and warm wishes. It’s a time where your friends and family get together to play games, chat, and of course eat. Below, you will learn everything you need to know about having a bridal dessert bar at your shower – from the flowers, to the menu, to the personalized decor. We’ve covered all the basics to make any maid of honors duties fun, easy and very chic.


The Drinks

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Start the party off by serving these pretty-in-pink mini bottles of rosé champagne to your guests as they enter the door.

The Desserts

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Petite finger foods are always a good option for parties, it’s easier for guests to just pick up what they want and go. Pastries, cookies, mini-cakes and cupcakes are all eligible desserts to have for the theme you’re going for.

The Accessories

via Martha Stewart Weddings
via Martha Stewart Weddings

Choose cute cake toppers, like the “hooray” in the photo above. You can stick these in the desserts themselves or in the flower arrangements. Getting ones that say “Mr. & Mrs.” or “hostess” is cute too!

The Decor

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Coffee table books can be used for added decoration. Getting books that match the theme of your shower – in this case pink pastel ones – will definitely add a nice touch to the table.

The Arrangements

via Martha Stewart Weddings

It’s always best to pick the bride’s wedding colors for the bridal shower arrangements. In the photo above, the theme was pastels (which are just stunning!).




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