Flower Fashion: Flowers in Her Hair

Flower Fashion: Flowers in Her Hair

Okay, so technically this is a DIY, but we figured our lovely fans wouldn’t mind the twofer for this Flower Fashion post :P We at PWD Blog love to see fresh flowers incorporated to all aspects of a wedding in unique ways, and this tut is a perfect example!

Thanks to The Bride’s Cafe for this awesome post:

Flower Hair Garland


  • Fresh flowers of choice
  • Plastic Hair combs (clear used in tutorial)
  • Florist wire (green)
  • Florist tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon (try using one that’s close to your hair colour)


1. Wrap some of the more delicate stems in floral tape before you wire them to the comb. This will help keep the moisture in so that they last longer.


2. Wire the flowers to your comb. It is easy to start with one along the top of the comb like pictured here, then start feeding more flowers in different directions.

Flower Hair Comb

Flower Hair Comb

3. Wire all the flowers in the direction you will want it when it is in your hair. I find that making them in front of a mirror is very helpful.

Flowers for the hair

4. After you are finished adding flowers in, lightly glue some ribbon along the back where all of the wire is so that it does not snag on your hair.

Pink Flowers

Viola! You have your very own flower hair garland.

Pink Ranunculus

Check out The Bride’s Cafe for Part 1 of this tutorial: the matching boutonnieres, it’s swell! Happy DIY’ing!


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