Woman’s Day Letters

March 19, 2013 by W.A.B.Events Team

International Woman’s Day was this past March 8th.

As Canada’s National Floral Company we decided to give away some explosive and beautiful gift baskets to some amazing women out there. What A Bloom and What A Bloom Events asked men and women all over Canada to write in about why a special woman in their life should win a gift basket.

With an abundance of letters written in we chose two of the amazing women to win!

Here are the two letters that where chosen as winners! Congratulations Ladies!

Dear Molly – My Mom deserves to win this basket on so many levels. She’s such a warm, loving person and she’s facing real hardship at this time.

My Father (who’s 83) has had Alzheimers for the last four years,  and he is currently in the third stage of decline where the medication does not help anymore. Mom (who is 80 this coming April 13th) is looking after him all by herself during the week with our small help on weekends. Mom does not have a moment to herself right now, as everything from dressing to simply making coffee for my Father requires assistance. This is not how retirement is portrayed on TV!!

Something as wonderful as a surprise basket would really make her smile, so please make her day for me?

Best Regards,

Sandra Ondas

Thanks Sandra!! I hope your mom loves her gift basket! She is very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter!!


Hi Molly – I have a friend whose 89 year old husband slipped on the ice and broke his hip on New Year’s Day.  His hip was replaced the next day and he’s been in hospital ever since.  My friend spends every day at the hospital cheering her husband and helping him along.  His progress is slow but he’s been up walking.  At night my friend gives updates to friends and family before doing necessary chores and falling into bed.

My friend Barb deserves a gift for keeping cheerful and soldiering on in the face of these difficulties.

Thank you

Michelle Cove

Thanks Michelle!! I hope Barb is happy with her gift basket! Great friends are hard to come by, I am sure she is very grateful to have you!


Thank you to all those who entered! Be sure to tell the special women in your life today how great they are!

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Stay connected for more chances to win some amazing prizes!! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and tumblr!


Live and love flowers!

What A Bloom Events!

Valentine’s Date Day from Us and the Toronto Marlies

February 16, 2013 by W.A.B.Events Team

Valentine’s Day Contest Winners!

Last week we had a contest and gave away a date day that included Toronto Marlies Tickets, transportation and flowers to a few lucky people. They were asked to write in and tell us why they should be chosen to win a date day on us!!

Here are the letters written by our selected winners:

Mike and Stephanie

Where can I begin about why I should win this contest and why I love my partner so much.

I would have to start by saying that I knew I was going to marry Mike the minute I laid my eyes on him. We are almost the identical person just different genders. We can be away from each other all day and talk through messaging and still come home and have soo much more to talk about. We never run out of things to say to one another, we can finish each other’s sentences, we know what the other is thinking before even saying anything, we have the same crazy dance moves and do the most random things and not be embarrassed by each other.

I would love to win this contest because it would be a way for me to show Mike how much I love him and appreciate all that he has done for me and us in all the time we have been together but more so for the past year.

Mike and I got engaged in April 2011 and didn’t really start planning our wedding until later on in 2011 and early 2012 because we wanted to get married in September 2013. We thought 2012 was going to be a great year for us because I had finally landed my first permanent position after being on contracts for 5 years in Human Resources. In April 2012, 1 week after my 3 month probation I was laid off due to a company restructuring plan, where the last one in is always one of the first to go. I remember calling Mike in tears because this had never happen to me before and he said and I can still remember this, “they don’t know how lucky they were to have you and I will do whatever it takes, I will work all day and night to provide for you and give you the wedding that you want and deserve”.

For 8 long months of interviews after interviews after interviews, I was successful in my job search and it was because Mike always told me “Good Luck Babe, I know they will love you as much as I do”. There was never a day that went by where he complained about working early, late, even all night at times and weekends. Weeks would go by where I would hardly see him but he kept telling me that this was for us and our future together. We decided to cut every occasion out because we were on a tight budget so we didn’t have a Christmas together and we were already saying that we need to skip Valentine’s Day and my birthday that falls on Feb 18th because our financial situation is very tight.

I could never in a million years ever thank Mike enough for all the hard work he has done and this day would only be a fraction of showing him how much he means to me and how much I love him and I couldn’t make it without all the encouragement he has given me and that I can’t wait to say I do on September 14, 2013 and not only be best friends and lovers but to be blessed that he chose me to be his wife.












Thank you Steph! Looks like you both had an amazing time! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and thank you for choosing us as the florist for your special day!!!



Amanda and Ben

Last February my 5 year old daughter and I moved in with my soon to be husbands parents while we patiently waited for the completion of our house. Since then we welcomed another baby girl in August and have been delayed with our closing until mid April when originally it was supposed to be done mid November. Ben (my fiancé) works shift work and the days that he is off I usually pick up a shift at one of my other jobs to help out while I’m on mat leave. We have been to lunch once since Kaitlyn has been born because we just can’t find any time for “us” and it always seems like my 5 year old is getting sick with one of the million viruses going around in kindergarten.

Ben and I desperately need “us” time but as a parent you put those things on hold because mommy/daddy duty always comes first.

I think that if we were to win the night out from what a bloom, it would give us a reason to go out, enjoy ourselves and do the little things like hold hands and have conversation without the interruption of a baby crying or hearing “mommy” every other minute. Things that used to be so simple are now nearly impossible. Trust me, I wouldn’t change my life for a second but going on a date would be beyond amazing.
Plus it would be nice to get out of my mommy clothes and ponytail for once :-)









Thanks for writing in Amanda! Turns out Amanda’s finance was not able to make it, however Amanda brought one of her really close friends who’s birthday was actually on that day! Glad you two ladies had a blast!!!


Alex and Mike

Mike and I have been together for almost 4 years now, and it has been 4 years of heaven and hell at times! We are blessed with a beautiful baby girl who just turned 2 years old on the 14th. This date offer sounds like just what Mike and I need to rekindle our love and affection for each other. Mike and i have a love so strong I can’t even believe we’ve made it through the turmoil’s we have faced! But we did it and we are going to make it no matter what:)
Help us get out of the house and have a good night!!!
Love Alex

Thanks Alex!!! I hope you two had an amazing time at the game and enjoyed your date day together!!!


Kristy and Zack (aka Monkey)

I think I should win the Marlies Valentines contest on one simple factor:
Every single generals game me and my monkey go to, there is a “pucker up” moment during the commercial breaks and every time it comes up, at 4 he remembers, taps me on the shoulder and gives me a kiss :) and then checks the video screen to see if we made it up there. Unfortunately, we never have but the love my little boy has for me and has for hockey this contest would be something I would love to share with him :)

Love, Kristy
















Thanks for writing in Kristy!! By all the pictures it looks like you both had a great time!!!


Congrats to all of our winners! Be sure to stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter for all our upcoming contests and events!!


Love and Flowers,


What A Bloom Events Blog

What A Bloom Is Giving Away A Date Night!!!

February 8, 2013 by W.A.B.Events Team

The What Bloom team want to celebrate Valentines Day by taking you out.

Two Platinum Seat Tickets for the Toronto Marlies game THIS SUNDAY!!!!! Also two Beck Taxi vouchers, so in case you are taking the Go Train it will cover your cost of transportation. AND!!!! a special surprise during the game (sssshhh)

How do you win this date day?? Easy – send me an email as to why you should get this prize, or how much you love your partner or son/daughter, mother or father, or who ever that special person is that you would like to take! Make it love filled!!

Please attach all your information with the email.

Good Luck and Spill The Love!!!


What A Bloom Events Welcomes Back Our Boys In Blue!!

January 23, 2013 by W.A.B.Events Team

More than four months after the National Hockey League locked out its players, hockey is back! In an attempt to win back the love and support of fans across the country, teams opened their secret vaults filled with freebies.

Thursday January 15th was just the beginning with having a doors open practice with complimentary popcorn and refreshments. The home opener spared no expense, with a slue of free tickets, complimentary refreshments and a leaf scarf handed out by Leaf players and alumni to every fan who walked into the ACC.

What A Bloom Events was also on hand to show their support and encouragement to our boys! Dropping off over 100 blue long stem roses to the players change room that where handed out during one of the  breaks in the practise and handing out another almost 200 to the huge line of fans waiting in line for 2 hours prior to the gates being opened.

Global TV, live to air from the ACC captured a handful of fans screaming out their love for the Leafs, waving blue roses from the What A Bloom Flower Shop! Being Canada’s National Floral Company, there was no question that we would be present to wish our Leafs players and fans a Happy Home Opener!

Alex Consiglio from The Toronto Star tweeted with a photo:

“Molly Turnbull (What A Bloom) has come to ACC to give away free Leafs Roses enhanced to be blue! “just being nice to Leafs fans”

What A Bloom Events Team and Blue Roses


Two fans who were waiting in line posed for our camera completely decked out in Leaf gear holding our rose said “this is the sweetest thing ever”

Blue Long Stem Roses

Another fan and her husband told us ” What A Bloom is definitely going above and beyond to show their support. Roses are beautiful on their own, but blue roses, and for free just because, definitely a company that appreciates their customers”.

Look for the What A Bloom Events Team at upcoming Leafs games and being the Official Floral Company for the Toronto Marlies and MLSE all over the hockey world!


Why wait? Be the one who sends flowers just because! www.whatabloom.com has a bouquet for every occasion, even just because.


Keep connected with the What A Bloom Events Team and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube!


Go Leafs Go!

What A Bloom Blogger

Celebrity Nuptuals: Bachelorette Ashley & JP!

December 19, 2012 by W.A.B.Events Team
The Bachelor’s 3rd Wedding – Ashley Hebert & Jp!
Bachelorette Ashley Herbert

Beautiful roses for the men

As a Fan of the Bachelor since the day it first premiered, I have always tuned in to the whimsical romance created by ABC in their production to help regular people find true love. What wedding planner wouldn’t?! On Monday night, I bared witness to one of the most romantic Wedding I have ever seen. As I had witnessed the journey of Ashley from the moment J.P stepped out of the limo in Season 7, to the time she fall in love with him all the way until he proposed! And finally on Monday night, fans got a sneak peak preview of the planning involved prior to the wedding. Mindy Weiss, a celebrity event planner from California, had the honour of planning this spectacular event.

Celebrity Florist: Mark Held

Take notice to the beautiful sample Centerpiece that Mark Held created. Just like us here at What-A-Bloom Events, we too will create a sample centerpiece for our Bride & Groom’s in order to make any last minute changes. Creating a sample allows the client to visually see exactly what their centerpiece will look like on the big day. If there are things they may want to change, it provides the perfect opportunity to change specific aspects of the centerpieces. In the large centerpiece we see above, Mark Created a stunning tall centerpiece with separated bunches of: opened Vandela Roses, Folded Aspidestra Leaves alined atop one another, cluster of green Roses, and cascading Phaleanopsis & Dendrobium Orchid Strands! How spectacular!!! Below we notice an assortment of smaller arrangements to run along and fill the rest of the table. Placed in short Gold-plated vases we see bunches of: Green and Ivory Parrot tulips, Bunches of Baby’s Breath and Cream Hydrangeas.



In this case, it is quite evident that Ashley & Jp chose to completely change the style, colours and flowers of the first mock-up sample Mark had created them. On the big day, we notice gigantic, round, fluffy centerpieces with the small assortment of vases below. Ashley must have decided to eliminate the Greens and changed the style to a mixture of white fluffy flowers combined together (as opposed to the separation of flowers in the first mock-up).



The flowers incorporated in these arrangements are:


Cream Hydrangeas, White Stock & Largely opened Vandela Roses.



These seem to be very popular amongst brides all over North America. I constantly have requests for these exact white, fluffy flowers.


Moving onto the stunning outdoor Ceremony, one can’t help but notice all of the beautiful flowers.
“When you think of Weddings, everyone thinks of Flowers” – Ashley Herbert.
As Guests arrive to the Wedding Ceremony, they approach this antique, drawer-filled chest treasured with bags of confetti. Keep reading to see what they were filled with!



As the bridal party takes their march down the isle, take notice to the small bunches of baby’s breath the flower girls are carrying, decorated with a long cream satin bow. So recious! Ashley’s sister, the Maid of Honour (M.O.H) is seen carrying a simple, yet elegant Vandela rose bouquet. Being the designer that I am, my eyes can’t help but drift to the stunning isle runners lining the wood-planked isle.



Dum Dum Da Dum, Dum Dum Da Dum….


Here comes the Bride!


Notice the Entrance Arch covered in stunning flowers



We get a close look at the Recipe of this gorgeous all-white bridal bouquet:


Vandela Roses, White Freesia, Stephanotis, Rananculous, and Mini Callas



Take a look at the stunning Ceremony Huppah (traditional Jewish Alter) that is covered in fluffy cream and white flowers.





Take out your tissues, because I certainly did!


As the happy couple exchange vows, tears drip down my face as I imagine a beautiful life like theirs….


…. And the stunning flowers of coarse.


In order to get this look, Floral designers were seen just minutes before the ceremony, trimming and cleaning the roses as they were creating the Huppah on site. This stunning Huppah must have taken hundreds upon hundreds of flowers and a team taking hours to create such an elaborate setting for this dreamy ceremony.



Take notice to J.P’s Boutonniere….



…A simple double Stephanotis wrapped in black floral tape, to blend with his Blazer & Match the Bride.


And finally, the guests can throw the confetti from their little brown bags…..



…Feather, sprakles, and Rose Petals!





This Wedding hosted on National Television was such a spectacular experience. My cheeks hurt from smiling, and my eyes were swollen from tear of happiness.


It is just so magnificent how such beautiful decor can create a magical setting for wonderful people in love.
There is such a satisfactory feeling an Event Coordinator feels and the joy of aiding in the creation of such a spectacular milestone!


After watching this wedding, I’ve definitely been inspired for all of my bride’s for 2013!



Bring on the Weddings!!!


Congratulations to Ashley & J.P Rosebaum!!!








Source} Photography: FameFlynet

“Tis the Season

December 14, 2012 by W.A.B.Events Team

Kenworth & SCI Holiday Party Centerpieces

It’s that time of year again and companies across the country are organizing and celebrating their Company holiday parties. Months ago both Kenworth – One of the largest trucking Companies and Service Corporation International (SCI) – North America’s largest provider of funeral and cemetery services, both contacted our Event Coordinator here at What-a-Bloom Events to assist in organizing their Christmas/Holiday party centerpieces.

Collaborating together to design and create a perfect centerpiece for each event, Kenworth chose a short, but elegant arrangement for their December 8th Christmas Party. Due to the large hanging chandeliers at Montecassino Banquet Hall, a short arrangement, with a punch of colour on the elegant tables, gave the room the perfect touch. Matte and glossy Green ornaments, Deep Red roses and Gold ribbon created the perfect piece for these centerpieces. The manager of Montecassino banquet hall stated:

“these are the nicest holiday centerpieces we have seen thus far!”

SCI’s Holiday party was held on December 1st at the West River Banquet Hall, where our Event Coordinator arrived to set-up for their annual dinner. They chose a 25” tall centerpiece to give the room a wow-factor for their annual Holiday party. Each arrangement included fluffy white Hydrangeas, Red Hypericum Berries, white lisianthus, bear grass, curly willow for texture and the extravagant large Calla lilies to give it even more height!



& your W.A.B Events Team

Source| Photography: Molly Photog | Venue: Montecassino Banquet Hall & Westriver Banquet Hall

New & Improved Wedding Department

November 19, 2012 by W.A.B.Events Team

Wedding & Event Coordinator
The staff at What-A-Bloom and What-A-Bloom Events wanted to collaborate in order to better reach out to new brides (and grooms, respectively) and our corporate clients and affiliates, in order to help them plan their most special day, but how? Why through a wedding and special events blog of course!

What-A-Bloom Events is proud to be the first and only Florist in Canada to provide an Event coordinator along with gorgeous floral décor services for any special occasion and event. Meet Antoinette-Melanie, our ambitious Event Coordinator. Planning family functions for all of her family events and holidays as a child, she always knew her passion laid in Event coordination, Wedding planning and Creative Directing.  Having an eye and passion for design, style and creativity, Antoinette takes each event to heart and delivers astounding customer service to each and every one of her clients.

I take my job to heart, as if I was planning each and every event myself. I love nothing more than to see my Bride and Groom’s &/or clients happy that I have created and delivered an event above and beyond of their hopes and dreams. I live, breathe, and speak event design and nothing satisfies me more than a happy Bride and a successful event!”

where Antoinette meets her BridesWhat-a-Bloom Events is a one-stop shop, chalked full of ideas for all aspects of the special event, occasion or wedding preparations and organizing beautiful florals for your event, to help inspire you to make your wedding day and/or your large to small event, perfect and special in every way. Sit back and enjoy our blog, updated weekly just for you!



& Your passionate team at W.A.B.Events

Source|Photography: Molly Photog

Flower Fashion: Floral Halos

October 24, 2012 by W.A.B.Events Team

Flower fashion is the new & upcoming trend for Weddings. Consider accessorizing hair instead of bouquets?! Perfect for a natural, outdoor venue. Consider your bridal party wearing Flower Halo’s.

The colourful Halo

Couture Head piece


Source: http://www.freepeople.com/accessories-hair-accessories/flower-braid-halo/

Wedding DIY: Makeup

October 2, 2012 by W.A.B.Events Team

For the bride on a budget, paying someone to do your makeup on your wedding day might not be an option. But don’t feel bad, we’ve found some great makeup tutorials for eyes, lips, cheeks and face that will turn you into a makeup aficionado!

1. A Little Sparkle:


If you’re looking for a more glamourous look but don’t want to look overdone this is a great look for you! We love the shaded shineyness of the eye shadow combined with the thin outline around the eyes, dramatic but still subtle at the same time!

2. Makin’ Me Blush:

rosesSource: Pop! of Style

It might just be the model, but the dramatic use of blush and little else makes a beautiful impact for your wedding makeup style. We also love this tutorial because it doesn’t require a lot of products and is great for the girl who loves a more natural look.

3. Come Smooch Me:

rosesSource: Upbeat and Inspired

Sometimes all it takes is a little lipstick to really add some “va va voom!” to your wedding makeup. We recommend using something like an all-day lipstick or lip gloss, like MAC‘s Pro Longwear Lipcreme, so your hubby doesn’t end up wearing your Coral Perfection #2.

4. The Kim Kardashian Glow:

rosesSource: Examiner

Fact: Kim Kardashian is a bombshell. Thanks to the talented makeup artist Scott Barnes, Ms. Kardashian looks fabulous pretty much every day. So if you love her “natural” glow look as much as we do, you really need to check out this makeup DIY.

What’s great about makeup is the ability to experiment, and especially if you’ve got some great bridesmaids to help you out, finding your perfect wedding day look can be a super fun bridal shower activity. You can even use products you already own, no need to buy more stuff you’ll only use once right?


Your friends at PWD Blog

Real Weddings: Pink Dress!

October 1, 2012 by W.A.B.Events Team

Even though we’ve seen many brides forego the traditional white wedding dress, predominantly it’s still the norm for most. Nothing against white dresses (they are still just as gorgeous as dresses with a touch of colour), but we love to see brides take a big step outside the box and go for something different. Never thought pink would be an appropriate colour for a wedding dress? Check out this amazing wedding picture, it might change your mind:

bridal bouquetsSource: Fab You Bliss / Photographer: Under Grace Photography

We think the bride pulls off the pink wedding dress flawlessly! Check out the rest of this intimate wedding photo series on Fab You Bliss’s website.


Your friends at PWD Blog